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What to food to avoid with diabetes

After the improvement of living standards, people’s diet structure has undergone earth-shaking changes. There are many kinds of food on the table, and people can’t distinguish them carefully. , As the saying goes, disease enters from the mouth, and the appearance of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high blood lipids is caused by unhealthy eating habits.What to food to avoid with diabetes

Everyone must be very familiar with diabetes. Maybe your family and friends are trapped by diabetes. Diabetes is not only a common disease among middle-aged and elderly people, but also shows a trend of younger and younger people, despite the continuous development of global medical level. Progress has been made, but diabetes is still a big problem, there is no way to cure it, only after the diagnosis is made, the blood sugar level can be stabilized by taking hypoglycemic drugs or insulin injections for a long time, so as to prevent the appearance of diabetic complications.

Since diabetes is caused by eating, there must be some foods that can cause blood sugar levels to rise, so there is a saying on the Internet that “diabetic patients can’t eat steamed bread”, is this statement credible? May wish to follow the doctor to find out more.

1. So, can diabetics eat steamed bread?

As one of the staple foods on the table of northerners, steamed buns can be said to be indispensable. Several steamed buns are eaten for three meals a day. Steamed buns are mainly made of flour and are high-carbohydrate foods. The sugar content is Very high, some people think that diabetics cannot eat steamed buns. Since it was proposed that diabetics cannot eat steamed buns, many diabetic patients in northern China have given up steamed buns and don’t eat any steamed buns at all.

What to food to avoid with diabetes
What to food to avoid with diabetes What to food to avoid with diabetes

Doctors believe that diabetic patients can eat steamed bread, but they must control the intake. Since the core of the elevated blood sugar level of diabetic patients is carbohydrate intake, the daily intake of carbohydrates is about 50% of the total calories. .

The main components of rice and steamed buns are carbohydrates. Therefore, staple foods such as rice, steamed buns, and noodles must be eaten less, and the intake should be strictly controlled. People with high blood sugar levels can eat coarse-grained steamed buns made from coarse grains such as corn. You can eat whole grains and refined grains together to stabilize blood sugar levels.

2. The doctor reminds: If you want to stabilize blood sugar, you really cannot use the following 4 things

  1. wine Alcohol has become a social necessity in contemporary society, but alcohol is a fat-soluble drink with high calories. After drinking a lot of alcohol, it can easily lead to an increase in blood lipid consistency. If blood sugar is well controlled, heavy drinking will cause postprandial hypoglycemia, especially People with diabetes have a significantly higher chance of developing hypoglycemia while taking medication, so it is recommended to drink alcohol while avoiding elevated blood sugar If your blood sugar is well controlled, drink a small amount of alcohol if you must, and choose drinks with a lower alcohol concentration

If your blood sugar is well controlled, drink a small amount of alcohol if you must, and choose drinks with a lower alcohol concentration.

What to food to avoid with diabetes
What to food to avoid with diabetes
  1. Small pickles People with diabetes may more or less develop atherosclerosis, which may lead to high blood pressure. Eating too much pickled food may lead to high blood pressure and induce high blood pressure, resulting in cerebral hemorrhage, coronary heart disease, etc. Serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so patients with diabetes should pay attention to a low-salt, low-fat and light diet in their daily life, and do not eat too many high-salt foods.
  1. Dessert Diabetes is mainly caused by eating too many foods with high sugar content. This kind of eating habit is not good for blood sugar control, and it is likely to induce serious complications. It is recommended that you keep your mouth shut, chocolate, cream cakes And some cakes and candies are not edible by patients with high blood sugar. These foods dissolve fat faster and may cause greater harm to diabetic patients.
What to food to avoid with diabetes
What to food to avoid with diabetes
  1. Fried food Fried foods are rich in fat. Relevant expert studies have shown that the calorie per gram of fat in fried foods is twice as much as the same weight of protein and carbohydrates. Often eating fried foods consumes a lot of fat. Diabetes is a disorder of energy utilization. The body consumes high-calorie food, resulting in insufficient insulin secretion or lack of timely conversion. High-calorie will accumulate in the body in the form of blood sugar, resulting in a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

  • Conclusion: Do you still know which foods people with diabetes should avoid in life? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area of ​​the article.
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