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What’s the difference between running for 3 years and people who don’t run

“The more you read, the more your face will naturally change. Many times, you may think that many of the books you have read are gone, and you will no longer remember them. In fact, they are still in the potential temperament, in terms of conversation, and in the boundless mind. , of course, may also be revealed in life and writing.”What’s the difference between running for 3 years and people who don’t run

In the same way, keep running, those running paths will never deceive you, and they will also settle in your spirit. If you run for 3 years and compare it with the one you didn’t run before, you’ll definitely feel a lot of difference.

1.The difference between self-discipline and self-confidence

Running is the king of aerobic exercise for high-efficiency fat burning and weight loss. Countless people lose weight through running and get a firm and well-proportioned figure. Running will make the muscles slender and well-proportioned, and the body will gradually become more beautiful. A better figure brings more confidence and charm. In the eyes of others, a person who can insist on running and control a good figure is also a self-disciplined person.

What's the difference between running for 3 years and people who don't run
What’s the difference between running for 3 years and people who don’t run

People who run often have more regular schedules, because running requires early going to bed and early rising, or seeing a needle, so they have a better ability to manage time.

2.Health and Beauty

Persistent running can improve physical strength and exercise the cardiovascular system. While losing weight, rich diseases such as “three highs” will also be prevented and improved.

Running is an exercise for the whole body. It can exercise the cardiopulmonary function and the visceral system, improve the basal metabolism, improve the physique, and it is not easy to catch a cold and have a fever. With a better body, there will be more energy and physical strength to cope with the busy life and work.

health and beauty
health and beauty

For women, running is also free “cosmetics”. When the body’s metabolism increases, skin cells can be activated, allowing the skin to exude a natural youthful vitality. The beauty brought by running is a kind of beauty from the inside out, which cannot be replaced by any medicine or cosmetic.

3.Differences in spirit

Now that the material conditions of life are good, if you don’t exercise, many people will start to gain weight after marriage. If a person looks chubby, it makes one feel greasy and has a bad mental state.

Many people do not have any serious illness during the physical examination, but they feel that their state is not good and they are easily fatigued. This is actually a manifestation of sub-health.

running sprint
running sprint

When running, the heart rate is accelerated, the blood flow of the whole body is accelerated, the harmful substances in the body are excreted with sweat, and the improvement of metabolism can effectively improve the sub-health state. Some people’s symptoms of cold hands and feet caused by poor blood circulation can also be improved by running.

Therefore, people who have been running for 3 years basically have one thing in common: a well-proportioned body and a good mental state. Even many runners are “reverse growth” and look younger than their peers. When people are thin, they will naturally appear more spiritual than people.

4.Differences in life style

Whether you’re running at night or in the morning, or in the city or country, you’ll find sights you don’t normally see. Whether it is a streetside shop under the moonlight or an empty street in the early morning, these new experiences are never experienced by others.

Differences in life style
Differences in life style

People who love running generally love life, have a positive attitude, and are good at discovering beauty. At the same time, it also has better patience and perseverance to find a solution in the face of adversity.

As long as you integrate running into your life, you will naturally eat healthy, go to bed early and get up early. Running is like a “baton”, your life will naturally be regular, rhythmic and healthier.

Not sure why you started running? For losing weight, for good health, for being alone, for constantly challenging yourself… No matter what the reason for starting, welcome to leave a message to chat about the changes that running brings to you.

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