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Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running

Exercise to lose weight# Compared with running, which weight loss effect is better? Combined with the general training situation, aerobic exercise such as running will have a better fat-burning effect. In actual exercise, we can see a lot of examples of rapid weight loss in a short period of time through running, but there are too few successful cases of weight loss purely relying on weight loss.Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running

Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running
Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running

Differences in energy systems

The human body has three major energy systems, namely the phosphate proto-system (ATP-CP), the glycolysis system and the aerobic oxidation system. The aerobic oxidation system is the main energy supply system for long-term aerobic exercise such as running. In this process, fat supply becomes the main energy source, so it can lose weight more effectively.

Strength training, also known as “lifting iron”, is characterized by the fact that each training action lasts for a short time and has a relatively high intensity. In addition, there are also explosive sports such as weightlifting and sprinting. The energy during exercise mainly comes from the phosphogen system and the glycolysis system (the two are collectively referred to as the “anaerobic energy supply system”). Therefore, using this type of exercise to lose weight, the effect is very general.

But for novice sportsmen, whether it is participating in aerobic exercise or participating in strength training, a better weight loss effect can be achieved in the early stage of fitness. Because the physical ability of the body is too low at this time, it is in the adaptation period, no matter what kind of exercise, even if it is random exercise, as long as you can maintain enough exercise volume, exercise frequency and exercise intensity, it is not difficult to lose a few kilograms of weight.

what factors affect the difference in weight loss effect between aerobic exercise such as strength training and running?

Factor 1: The form of strength training that may result in “longer” rest periods

The form of iron lifting and running are completely different. Running is a continuous and rhythmic movement, while iron lifting is carried out in “groups”, with intermittent rest periods between groups. In the process of strength training, controlling the rest time between sets is an important factor to ensure the quality and effect of training. However, after a few laps in the gym, you will find that very few people really strictly control the rest time between sets, even for many senior trainers. Most of them decide their rest time between sets based on feeling. If you are more tired, take more rest, if you are more relaxed, take less rest.

Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running
Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running

For beginners, the rest time between sets is more difficult to control, or even no control. Due to poor physical fitness, too long rest periods between sets is a common phenomenon for novice exercisers. If the novice just lifts the iron by himself, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of training, let alone the effect of training. Therefore, if a novice wants to use strength training to lose weight and achieve better results, it is best to do it under the guidance and supervision of a fitness coach or senior bodybuilder.

This is different with a variety of cardio workouts, including running, most cardio workouts can be started without prior training. As long as people who run and exercise can ensure that they can run, no matter how slow the speed is, the effect of exercise and weight loss can be guaranteed, and there is no need for guidance or supervision.

Influencing factor 2: If you want to lift iron, you must first have strength.

What is strength? Strength is food and carbohydrates, which means that in order to have the strength to ensure the smooth progress of the iron lifting process, the exerciser must eat enough, and the intake of carbohydrates is especially important. If the exerciser can’t control his mouth and eat a lot, then he does have the strength to lift iron, but the calorie surplus is also generated, and it is normal for the body fat rate to rise. This is why body fat percentages inevitably rise during the muscle-building phase of strength trainers.

Some people will definitely say, then eat less, okay? If you eat less, the direct manifestation is that you can’t exercise, and it is difficult to use iron to lose weight. Therefore, if you want to lose weight purely by lifting iron, you need to solve the complex problem of “how much to eat, what to eat, and how to practice”. The balance point is difficult to grasp. It is better to run and lose weight directly, which is easy and simple.

Influencing factor 3: The problem of the height of the sports threshold.

In fact, we have already talked about this issue before: to participate in running exercise, you do not need any training, nor do you need to master any special sports knowledge, just run, you can lose weight if you keep running; but you need to master certain fitness knowledge. For example, what to practice, what movements to use, what are the essentials of movements, how many sets, how many times, what weight to use, etc. Otherwise, there is no way to guarantee the quality of training, which is far more complicated than aerobic exercise.

However, it should be explained that the level of calorie consumption in strength training itself is not low, and the weight loss effect is not bad with a suitable training program, but the training threshold is relatively high, which is not suitable for beginners.

Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running
Which one is best for fat burning weightlifting or running

Recognized and effective way to lose weight: weight lifting + running + diet control.

Dieters always want to figure out the “most efficient” weight loss exercise and just do it. In fact, such a movement does not exist. The effect of exercise or weight loss depends to a large extent on the effort of the exerciser. People who exercise 5 times a week will definitely lose weight better than those who only exercise 2 times a week, this is for sure .

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