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Why do i always want to eat even i am not hungry

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In life, we will always see some people who have not been full for a while and then continue to eat again. And many people will say, not hungry, but just want to eat. So do you know what’s going on? Let’s follow the editor to take a look. It may be the following points.Why do i always want to eat even when i am not hungry

Not hungry is the reason for wanting to eat

First: high pressure

Why do i always want to eat even when i am not hungry
Why do i always want to eat even when i am not hungry

In fact, there are many people in life who like to eat to decompress when they are stressed. This is a way of decompression in life, and they satisfy themselves by eating. So when you are always not hungry, but want to eat, it may be because you are too stressed and you want to vent by eating.

Second: lack of sleep

Why lack of sleep is also related to eating disorderly. In fact, many people like to eat when they stay up late, but they are not hungry. This is because when you don’t sleep well, you can only make yourself happy by eating and drinking.

Third: binge eating

The reason why some people want to eat without feeling hungry is because they have become accustomed to overeating and have developed this kind of living habit. When you see delicious food or think of delicious food, you must eat it, and eat enough at one time.

First: change your eating habits

What should I do if I'm not hungry and want to eat?
What should I do if I’m not hungry and want to eat?

If you have been eating three meals a day, then it is recommended to change to four or five meals. Eat as little as possible for each meal, for example, 60% full or 70% full, then arrange it directly when you want to eat, so that not only will you not be overburdened, but it will also satisfy your appetite.

Second: divert attention

If you always have the urge to eat, it’s recommended to divert your attention. For example, watching some favorite videos or going out for a walk.

 divert attention
divert attention

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