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Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol

I’ve finished this glass of wine, you can do whatever you want”Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol

“Whether our relationship is good or not depends on your glass of wine”

“If you don’t drink, you don’t give me face”

“Come on, we must have a drink”

There are countless tricks to persuade you to drink alcohol, which will make you drink more and more invisibly. Nowadays, due to the influence of the general environment, many people have the phenomenon of drinking.

Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol
Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol

Especially drinking for a long time can easily lead to liver damage and affect the function of other organs in the body. Therefore, if you want your health to be free from diseases, it is best not to drink alcohol to prevent alcoholic beverages from irritating the body.

There are countless examples of physical diseases caused by long-term drinking, and even some people always experience abdominal discomfort after drinking, that is, diarrhea, which should be paid attention to.

Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol? Mostly this part of the body is injured, pay attention
Alcohol needs to be metabolized in the liver. Drinking a lot of alcohol will increase the metabolic burden of the liver. The alcohol cannot be metabolized, and it will be further stored in the liver. Over time, it will cause various liver diseases, such as alcoholic liver, liver cirrhosis and other problems.

Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol
Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol

Some people also have symptoms of abdominal discomfort after drinking alcohol, such as frequent diarrhea and diarrhea, which are closely related to excessive alcohol intake and alcoholic liver, which can lead to liver lesions under the further stimulation of alcohol.

Once the liver is diseased, bile secretion will be affected. If bile secretion is insufficient, indigestion is prone to occur.

Because bile is a necessary substance for digesting high protein and high fat, the stimulation of alcohol and drinking, those snacks with high fat content and high protein content can easily lead to diarrhea symptoms.

If these three situations occur after drinking, it is recommended to quit drinking as soon as possible

1. Liver pain

If you experience pain in the liver area after drinking alcohol, it is likely that the liver is damaged.

The liver itself has less neurosecretion. When you feel pain in the liver, it is probably already severely damaged. In addition, long-term drinking, a large amount of alcohol enters the body, which further stimulates the liver, causes inflammation, and causes alcoholic liver or fatty liver.

2. Nausea

If you have nausea and nausea after drinking alcohol, it is also closely related to liver damage.

After drinking alcohol, the burden on the liver increases, excessive alcohol cannot be metabolized in the liver in time, the liver does not secrete enough bile, indigestion, and once symptoms of nausea and greasy nausea appear, be alert to whether the liver is diseased.

3. Urine is brown

Urinate after drinking, observe the color of urine, if there is brown color, you should be alert, it is likely to be liver damage.

Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol
Why do some people have diarrhea after drinking alcohol

The urine of normal people is clear. If there is a symptom of getting angry, the urine may be slightly red, but after drinking a lot of alcohol, the urine appears yellow, which may be due to damage to liver cells, resulting in increased bilirubin in the blood. Liver function is stimulated by alcohol to decrease, and the color of urine will change.

4. The amount of alcohol suddenly decreases

Alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver to enter the body. Several powerful functions can quickly metabolize alcohol. On the contrary, the liver function is damaged, the metabolic capacity is reduced, and the alcohol cannot be metabolized in time.

Alcohol is most afraid of 3 things. Eating a little before drinking can reduce alcohol damage to the liver


Mulberries have high nutritional value, but for this seasonal fruit, it can be dried into dried mulberries, which is easy to carry and store. Eat a few grains before drinking or soak in water with mulberries, which can dilute the alcohol and reduce the effect of alcohol on it. bodily injury.

benefits of eating mulberry
benefits of eating mulberry

Moringa seeds

Moringa seeds are the same as melon seeds. You can eat the nuts after removing the coat. The nutrients are more complex, but the content is very high. For people with weak stomach and digestion, if you want the effect of hangover, it is best to eat before drinking. 3 capsules.

In addition, it can enhance the body’s resistance and immunity, achieve anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects, and has a good improvement effect on people suffering from a variety of chronic diseases.

Conclusion: Drinking alcohol is harmful to health, especially the damage to the liver. Is it better to stop drinking if you want to be healthy?

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