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Why does our body suddenly shake or jerk when we sleep

Many people will experience such a situation when they usually sleep, that is, they will suddenly shake and twitch, wake up from sleep, and have a sense of fear of “stepping on empty stairs”. The appearance of this situation makes many people worry about whether it is What’s wrong with the body.why does our body suddenly shake or jerk when we sleep

When this symptom occurs in adolescence, parents usually say that calcium supplementation is needed. In the case of calcium deficiency, such an abnormal phenomenon will occur in the body. Of course, there are also “experts” who say that the nervous system is being tested. Have you entered a “death state”? , is the body’s instinctive stress response.

why does our body suddenly shake or jerk when we sleep
why does our body suddenly shake or jerk when we sleep

2. When you sleep, your body suddenly “shakes”, what’s going on? The answer may be surprising

One-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, which is equivalent to 24 hours a day, and sleep occupies 7 to 8 hours. Sleep is a necessary process for the restoration and repair of the internal ecosystem of various organs of the human body. A sufficient and high-quality sleep can maintain the balance of hormones in the body, speed up the metabolism, enhance the body’s immunity and resistance, and improve the brain’s memory and attention functions.

With the change of lifestyle, more and more people are suffering from sleep disorders. In addition to insomnia and dreams, waking up in the middle of the night, hot flashes and night sweats, etc., dreaming of stepping on the air and sudden body shaking during naps or sleep at night. Does the phenomenon mean that there is any underlying disease in the body? Those who have experienced this have expressed concern.

why does our body suddenly shake or jerk when we sleep
why does our body suddenly shake or jerk when we sleep

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, sudden shaking during sleep is a manifestation of liver and kidney deficiency and lack of qi and blood. Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, and the kidney stores essence. When the liver stores blood insufficient, the human body will experience various symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and dreaminess. When kidney yin and kidney essence are insufficient, waist and knees will appear weak , insomnia, dreaminess, hot flashes and night sweats, fever in hands and feet and other symptoms.

When these symptoms appear in the body, it means that the loss of yin blood in the body adversely affects sleep, resulting in a variety of sleep disorders.

From the point of view of modern clinical medicine, the sudden body twitching during sleep is a manifestation of hypnagogic, also called muscle twitching. Believing that the body is in a dangerous situation, it issues commands to contract muscles, causing the body to shake suddenly during sleep.

For other incentives for “shake before bed”, you may wish to check it yourself!

body calcium deficiency

This condition is very common in teenagers and the elderly, who not only experience sudden body twitches during sleep, but also calf cramps, which are caused by a decrease in the body’s blood calcium concentration, which causes the muscles and nerves to be in a state of hyperactivity, thereby A phenomenon that causes convulsions.

The body suddenly shakes and cramps are more frequent caused by calcium deficiency, sometimes accompanied by pain in the muscles and joints. Occasional twitching during sleep has nothing to do with calcium deficiency. Of course, there is no need to worry too much about this situation, just pay attention to regular physical examinations. That’s it.

 When you sleep, your body suddenly "shakes
When you sleep, your body suddenly “shakes

Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a type of sleep-related movement disorder, and it is also a common neurological sensory disorder. The main symptom is a strong feeling of discomfort in the lower limbs when sleeping at night, which is manifested as tingling, burning, and soreness. , Before going to sleep, the legs feel dangling.

Seriously reduce sleep quality and cause damage to health in the long run. If you often experience sudden body shakes or convulsions while sleeping, and you suspect that you are suffering from certain diseases, you can go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant examinations and treatment, so as to ensure your health.

3. How to improve sleep quality?

A. Regular work and rest

Developing good work and rest habits can improve various discomforts in the body, develop a good work and rest habits, and adjust the biological clock, which is very important for good quality sleep.

In life, those who insist on going to bed early and getting up early are usually not troubled by insomnia and dreaming, because their bodies have become accustomed to this routine, and their brains are exhausted at night, so they fall asleep naturally, and rarely have trouble falling asleep.

B. Avoid food containing caffeine and nicotine before bed

Some people stay up late at night because of work or other reasons and need to be refreshed, so they choose to drink a cup of coffee or tea, and smoke a cigarette to get rid of sleepiness. The caffeine in tea and coffee, and the nicotine in cigarettes will stimulate the brain nerves, causing people to be in excess. Excited state, this kind of excitement is not conducive to better sleep.

Therefore, you should avoid caffeinated foods within two hours before bedtime, let alone smoking.

How to improve sleep quality
How to improve sleep quality

C. Relax your body before going to bed

You should not do high-intensity work and exercise within half an hour before going to bed, you should relax your body, and don’t let your brain be in a highly tense working state, put down the busy work at hand half an hour before going to bed, let your body and mind be in a comfortable state, you can listen to soothing music, Check out entertainment magazines and put your mind and body in a state of peace, which will help you fall into deep sleep faster.

D. Pay attention to your eating habits

If the quality of sleep is poor for a long time at night, you can eat dinner in advance, usually about 2 to 3 hours before going to bed, so that the stomach can better digest and absorb food, and it will not be affected by eating too much. Fall asleep normally.

Don’t eat snacks an hour before going to bed, and don’t drink a lot of water. Don’t eat too much dinner to avoid putting too much pressure on the stomach, which will affect the quality of sleep. Don’t skip dinner or eat too much to avoid feeling full. Less, in a hungry state is also not conducive to sleep.

Do you have the same experience with sudden body twitches when you sleep at night? If so, how can it be improved? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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