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Why my hair and face so oily whats reason behind this

Everyone must have noticed that in daily life, some people’s faces and hair are often in a state of hair oil, and sometimes it is easy to be misunderstood by others that it is caused by not washing their faces and hair often.Why my hair and face so oily whats reason behind this

But in fact, there are many reasons for the frequent oily hair and face, such as the four mentioned below. Only by finding out the reasons in time and taking targeted relief can we avoid the problem of embarrassment.

1. Liver fire

Liver fire
Liver fire

Relevant studies have found that if the anger in the body is too strong, it will also make people’s face and hair appear oily, and the reason for the strong anger is mainly due to unhealthy diet, such as frequent intake of fried foods, which contain oil and fat. Too much, and it is not easy to digest, which will increase the burden on the liver.
Fortunately, the problem of oily face and hair caused by such factors is relatively easy to solve. First of all, we must adjust our eating habits, stay away from greasy food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and secondly, work and rest regularly to give liver cells sufficient time to recuperate. can achieve the desired effect.

2. Excessive humidity

To talk about why the face and hair are prone to oil, it may also be due to excessive moisture in the body, because the human body is relatively fragile, especially in autumn and winter, if you do not pay attention to keeping warm, the cold and damp air will follow the feet, abdomen and head. Invade the body, which in turn leads to the accumulation of moisture.

 Excessive humidity
Excessive humidity

This causes the typical symptoms of oily face and hair. In addition, with the accumulation of moisture, there is also a dull complexion that is prone to acne, acne, and sticky and unformed stools.

Therefore, I remind everyone that if the facial skin and hair are prone to oil, and the above-mentioned manifestations are also present, you need to remove the moisture as soon as possible. First, eat more foods that dehumidify, such as red bean and barley, and secondly, insist on sports.

3. Washing your face and hair too often

When it comes to the problem of oily face and head, some people simply think that washing their face and hair regularly will improve the problem, but the truth is the opposite.

If you wash frequently, although the surface oil is removed, it is easy for the skin to mistakenly think that the body is dehydrated, so it will secrete more oil, which will make the problem of oil production more and more serious.

Washing your face and hair too often
Washing your face and hair too often

Therefore, you need to control the frequency of washing your hair and face. Under normal circumstances, if you have oily skin, wash your face in the morning and evening in summer, and wash your hair once a day, and in winter, wash your face once a day, every two to three days. Hair is more suitable.

4. Skin problems

As we all know, there are many kinds of skin types, including dry skin, oily skin, and mixed-oily skin. The reason why some people’s face and hair are prone to oil is closely related to the different skin types caused by genetic genes.

At this time, if you want to improve, you must also start with living habits, and try to stay away from behaviors that are easy to cause oil, such as eating greasy food, staying up late, etc.

Especially in the process of staying up late, the liver and kidneys are overloaded, which can easily lead to hormone disorders, which in turn cause the human skin to secrete oil.

Skin problems
Skin problems

All in all, there are many factors that can lead to oily skin and hair, such as the genetic inheritance mentioned above, frequent cleaning, and excess moisture and excessive liver fire in the body.

In this case, if you want to improve, you must first find the cause. If it is heavy humidity or strong anger, you must pay attention to your diet. If cleaning is too frequent, you need to reduce the frequency of washing your hair and face.

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