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Yoga tips for female beginners at home

There is only one shortcut to practicing yoga! Recommend 8 basic yoga movements for beginners that can be practiced every day! Yoga tips for female beginners at home

I recommend a set of daily standing posture sequences that you can practice every day.

The importance of the basic stance will not be said much, let’s look directly at the action.

1.Mountain pose

mountain pose
mountain pose

Stand in the middle of the mat, with your feet together, and your legs tightened and lifted up;
Push the front of the leg to the back of the thigh, straighten the pelvis, and adjust the center of gravity of the body.
The spine is extended, the ribcage is raised, the shoulders are extended and lowered,
Keep your head and neck upright, with your hands naturally at your sides.

Check your body again, feet, knees, pelvis, lumbar spine, abdomen, ribs, rib cage, shoulder blades, brows, eyeballs, facial skin, throat, heart.
Whether the sides of the body are balanced, whether there is pressure on the joints, whether the eyeballs and throats are relaxed, adjust yourself to the best state, and observe the breathing

Learn to observe yourself from the inside out. Change begins with observation and awareness.

2. tree style

tree style
tree style

On the basis of mountain pose, shift the center of gravity to the left foot, and rotate the right foot 90 degrees externally, (try to bring this step in when practicing tree pose)
Keep the external rotation of the pelvic support leg and right hip constant.
Bend your right knee, lift your right foot up, put your right foot on your left thigh, toes down

Check for pelvic alignment, especially if the left hip is outside and the right hip is elevated
Stabilize the foundation and pelvis, inhale and raise your hands up above your head; exhale to keep your shoulders down.

After holding 3-5 sets of breaths in tree pose, return to the front and back to practice.

3.World War II

best yoga posture for beginners
best yoga posture for beginners

On the basis of mountain pose, the feet are widely separated, the right foot is externally rotated 90 degrees, and the left foot is slightly buckled in
Check that your feet bear evenly the weight of your body and adjust your pelvis.
Inhale to extend the spine and raise both hands to the sides; exhale to bend the right knee, the right thigh is parallel to the ground, the right calf is perpendicular to the ground, and the eyes look at the direction of the right hand.

Check your feet, body weight, pelvis, knees again
In World War II, keep 5-8 sets of breathing,



On the basis of the second battle on the right side, stabilize the state of the left foot and the left leg; exhale, bend the body to the right, and place the right hand on the outside of the right foot; inhale, straighten the right leg and look at the direction of the left hand, and enter the triangle pose
Hold 5-8 sets of breaths in Triangle Pose,
Straightening the leg after entering the side bend and entering the side bend with the leg straight are two completely different feelings, you can try them separately.

5.Triangle twist

triangle twist
triangle twist

On the basis of the right triangle; inhale to extend the spine and arms; exhale, turn the sole of the left foot inward, while placing the left hand on the outside of the right foot, turn the chest into the twist, and lift the right hand up toward the ceiling
Check the base of the feet, the pelvis, and the condition of the spine
Hold 5-8 sets of breaths in Triangle Twist.

6.Battle One

battle one
battle one

On the basis of the right triangular twist; inhale the arm to drive the body up; exhale and bend the right knee to enter the first battle
In the first battle, keep 3 to 5 sets of breaths.
Straight from the triangle torsion , the state of the hind feet, pelvis and feet hardly changed.

7.War Three

war three
war three

On the basis of the first battle, inhale the arm to drive the body forward, and lift the left foot upward at the same time, so that the arm, back, and left leg are in a straight line; .
Battle 1 to Battle 3 is the most common series,

8.Standing forward bend

standing forward
standing forward

On the basis of the third battle, inhale to extend the body; exhale to bend forward, put both hands on both sides of the right foot, and lift the left foot upward; when inhaling again, drop the left foot and the right foot together, and enter the standing forward bend.
Hold 5-8 sets of breaths in standing forward bends, get up and return to Mountain Pose, and practice on the opposite side.

This is a set of slightly difficult standing pose series, mainly in the addition of triangular torsion and the series of battles one and three. It may be a little challenging for beginners, you can use walls, yoga blocks, etc. as auxiliary Tool.

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