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Best food for improve immune system for stay away from virus

Eating these foods regularly can improve your immune system and stay away from viruses

In recent days, the number of new cases of new coronary pneumonia in my country has increased again. In this sensitive period, it is alarming that someone coughs occasionally.

But it is the season changing, and colds are inevitable. So, for people with poor constitution, is there any good way to prevent colds?

Eat to prevent colds

Foods rich in vitamin C

Such as: various green leafy vegetables, radishes, oranges, lemons, pears, kiwi, citrus, various mushrooms, etc.

Best food for improve immune system for stay away from virus
Best food for improve immune system for stay away from virus

According to research, vitamin C helps to enhance the vitality of white blood cells, enhance the body’s resistance, and shorten the course of colds.

foods rich in zinc

Such as: oysters, shellfish, fish and other seafood; animal liver, poultry, eggs, beans, etc.

Among the trace elements, zinc is closely related to immune function. Zinc also helps prevent the reproduction and replication of viruses, and can help reduce symptoms and shorten the duration of colds.

protein rich foods

Such as: meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, soy products, nuts, etc.

Protein helps regulate the body’s immune function. It is recommended to consume 40-75 grams of fish and shrimp, 40-75 grams of livestock and poultry meat, 1 egg per day, 300 grams of milk and dairy products per day, and 25-35 grams of soybeans and nuts per day.

To prevent colds, rub chopsticks often medicine believes that the feet, like the hands, also have many reflex zones, and each visceral organ of the human body and the orifices of the limbs have their corresponding parts in the hands.

Best food for improve immune system for stay away from virus
Best food for improve immune system for stay away from virus

Constantly stimulating the acupoints on the hand can make the internal organs receive benign stimulation, promote blood circulation, improve arm numbness, diarrhea and other problems, and also prevent colds. Usually, we can do it by rubbing chopsticks.

Specific operation method: Take two chopsticks with square edges, place them in the palm of your hand, and rub them repeatedly with both hands, trying to make them touch all parts of the palm as much as possible.

Rub for 3-5 minutes each time, and apply some hand cream to protect the skin before rubbing.

Don’t rush to take medicine for early cold

Colds are one of the most common diseases in the clinic, and if they are properly treated at the initial stage, they can often be cured quickly. These two dietary recipes can be used as home remedies for the early stage of a cold, but if the disease is serious and develops rapidly, you still need to seek medical attention in time.

how to secure our self from cold
how to secure our self from cold
  1. Ginger Candy Drink Material: five slices of ginger, 30 grams of brown sugar. One and a half bowls of water, fry to about one bowl, warm and sweat. Ginger, pungent and warm in nature and flavor, enters the three meridians of the lung, spleen and stomach. Brown sugar, made from sugarcane juice, is sweet in taste and warm in nature, beneficial to the spleen and stomach, dispelling wind-cold, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Cold abdominal pain embolism.
  2. Honeysuckle water chestnut egg soup: Material: 1 fresh egg, beat into a bowl for later use. 15 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of water chestnuts, add 200 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, add eggs and boil again, serve once while hot. Honeysuckle water chestnut egg soup is suitable for wind-heat cold. Most of the patients have sore throat, cough, yellow phlegm or less phlegm, hoarse voice, dry mouth and yellow coating, and some patients are also accompanied by low-grade fever. Honeysuckle is sweet and cold in nature, can clear away heat and detoxify, and treat sore throat. The prescription is easy to take, take it once a day in the morning. It can be used for three days.

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