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Best home remedy for better skin

How to make your
 skin glow naturally at home

Every time a new season arrives, there are always girls who are ugly by themselves, mainly because of changes in clothing and so on. Why do you work hard on skin care, but nothing works? In fact, everyone has entered the misunderstanding of skin care. What are the mistakes in skin care? Best home remedy for better skin

First: not paying attention to cleaning

In hot summer, skin cells will respire faster, glands will secrete profusely, and a lot of sweat will be produced, which will reduce the acidity of sebaceous glands and become alkaline skin.

And the substances in sweat can also cause damage to the skin.

Best home remedy for better skin
Best home remedy for better skin

Therefore, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin to avoid the problem of large pores and acne.

In summer, you can buy and choose some cleansing products with strong degreasing ability, preferably neutral or weakly acidic products.

2.Not paying attention to moisturizing

Many girls feel that their skin loves to be oily in summer, and the use of skin care lotion will cause the skin to be very sticky, so they do not moisturize the skin.

In fact, in very hot summer, the rate of skin moisture loss is even faster than that in spring and autumn, and the skin is easily dehydrated.

Not paying attention to moisturizing
Not paying attention to moisturizing

Therefore, it is very important for us to hydrate and moisturize in summer, and different skins have different skin care methods.

Dry skin tends to be boring, pores are not obvious, sebum is rarely secreted, and there is no greasy feeling.

But this type of skin is prone to fine lines. Therefore, such people should pay attention to skin hydration.

Oily, combination skin is prone to a lot of oil on the face T-zone and cheeks, and the pores will become large.

People with this type of skin are less prone to fine lines, but are prone to acne all over their face. Therefore, people with oily skin should pay more attention to oil control and moisturizing.

Sensitive skin is mostly thin and easily disturbed by external factors. It is prone to red spots and itching when the seasons change.

Therefore, it is more important for people with sensitive skin to calm, repair and moisturize.

The face of people with neutral skin is relatively simple, and should pay attention to hydration and moisturizing.

not using sunscreen
not using sunscreen

3, do not do sunscreen

In summer, the ultraviolet rays are intense, so you must prepare sunscreen when you go out.

Of course, the role of sunscreen is not only to avoid tanning, the ultraviolet rays in the sun will have a very bad effect on the skin, so it is still very important to do a good job of sunscreen.

Finally, it’s important to note that sunscreen products are based on skin type: for oily skin, it’s important to choose a sunscreen that feels clear.

Finally, there is one more thing to pay attention to when using sunscreen, that is, prepare it 30 minutes in advance.

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