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What causes poor absorption of calcium, what foods affect calcium absorption

Foods that decrease the absorption of calcium?

The significance of calcium supplementation to the human body is the most important because calcium exists in the bones. In addition to its role in forming bones, it is also involved in nerve impulse transmission, hormone secretion, and muscle contraction.What causes poor absorption of calcium, what foods affect calcium absorption

It is precise because of this that many people in life pay attention to calcium supplementation, such as eating more calcium-rich foods and taking calcium tablets in a targeted manner.

What causes poor absorption of calcium
What causes poor absorption of calcium

However, relevant surveys have found that even though these measures have been taken, many people still have problems such as back pain, cramps in the hands and feet, and cracking of joints during activities;

The root cause is that everyone ignores the diet and easily affects the absorption of calcium, such as the following foods.

1. Processed food

With the acceleration of the pace of life, people’s work is getting busier and busier. For convenience, many office workers always like to buy some refined food, such as all kinds of canned food, packaged snacks, etc.

 Processed food
Processed food

Although it saves time, it brings harm to the body invisibly because the content of phosphorus in this type of food is too high. Once ingested in large quantities, the balance of minerals in the body will be broken, which will inhibit and destroy large absorption. use.

Especially children, if they eat these foods regularly, they are also prone to stunting problems.

2. High-salt foods

We must all know that the main component of salt is sodium chloride. If you often eat foods with high salt content in daily life, the sodium content in your body will be too much.

From a physiological point of view, there is a competitive relationship between calcium and sodium. If there is an excess of sodium, the absorption of calcium will inevitably be affected;

 High-salt foods
High-salt foods

Over time, hypocalcemia may even occur. So remind everyone, on weekdays, you should stay away from foods that are too salty, such as garlic, cabbage, radish, and sausage ham.

3. Fruits and vegetables containing oxalic acid

When it comes to vegetables and fruits, everyone always thinks that they are good for health, but some vegetables and fruits will affect the absorption of calcium.

For example, common bamboo shoots and beets, because they contain oxalic acid, which will combine with calcium in the intestines and form insoluble precipitates.

 Fruits and vegetables containing oxalic acid
Fruits and vegetables containing oxalic acid

Therefore, everyone must control the intake of oxalic acid-containing foods on weekdays. In addition, remember to blanch vegetables in boiling water before cooking, so that some oxalic acid can be dissolved in the water.

4. Fried food

Deep-fried or marinated foods taste crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and are indeed delicious, but these foods are too high in fat.

Fried food
Fried food

If you eat it regularly, it will not only increase the probability of obesity but also easily decompose fat into fatty acids. Once combined with calcium in the body, it will form insoluble substances, which will affect the absorption of calcium. Therefore, no matter how much you like it, Also avoid foods such as fried chicken and french fries.

5. Strong tea

For a long time, people have the habit of drinking tea, but drinking strong tea for a long time is not conducive to the absorption of calcium, because strong tea contains more caffeine and tannic acid.

The former has a diuretic effect, which will accelerate the loss of calcium, while the latter is easy to combine with calcium to form macromolecules that cannot be absorbed by the human body.

  Strong tea
Strong tea

All in all, calcium is a vital substance in the human body, it can ensure the health of bones and joints, so remind everyone to stay away from the types of foods mentioned above on weekdays to prevent calcium absorption from being affected.

In addition, if you want to supplement calcium, you should get more sunlight in your daily life, because sunlight can synthesize more vitamin D, and vitamin D is the key to promoting calcium absorption.

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