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Top 5 food with higher in calcium

After a certain age, physical fitness will decline, the skin’s ability to absorb vitamin D will also decline, and the absorption efficiency of calcium in the stomach will begin to decline, so people after the age of 50 will appear calcium deficiency.Top 5 food with higher in calcium

For middle-aged and elderly people, it is necessary to supplement calcium to the body in time, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the body, such as convulsions. Although it is not very serious, it will affect work and study.

If there is a serious calcium deficiency in the body, arrhythmia may also occur. This is because the human body needs calcium to act as an important transmitter of heart rate. If the arrhythmia is too severe, it may also cause cardiac arrest.

Top 5 food with higher in calcium
Top 5 food with higher in calcium

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to calcium supplementation in life, and do not ignore it. Many people say that calcium supplementation can be achieved by sun exposure, so is this method reliable? Now let’s learn this together.

Is sunlight supplementing calcium reliable?

The absorption of calcium in the body requires the participation of vitamin D. After the organisms are ingested into the body, they will synthesize vitamin D after digestion and absorption, but it is far from enough. It needs the help of the outside world to supplement the lack of vitamin D in the body.

After ultraviolet rays penetrate into the surface of the skin, a series of active vitamin D will be produced in the human body, thereby accelerating the synthesis and absorption of calcium by the body and promoting the health of bones.

Top 5 food with higher in calcium
Top 5 food with higher in calcium

Although it is said that sun exposure can play a role in supplementing calcium, if you do not do well in sun protection, it may induce skin diseases, so you should apply sunscreen and pay attention to sun protection when you are in the sun.

Teach you how to properly bask in the sun
Sunbathing is divided into time periods. If you sunbathe at the wrong time, not only will it not achieve the effect of calcium supplementation, but it will cause skin damage and even increase the risk of skin cancer.

From 10:00 noon to 4:00 pm, the intensity of ultraviolet rays is very strong, and the damage to the skin is also very large, so long-term exposure to the sun during this time period will damage the skin.

Many people think that basking in the sun through glass at home can avoid skin damage, but glass will block ultraviolet radiation and will not supplement the body with vitamin D, so it has to be effective in the outside sun.

When going out in the sun, sunscreen should be done to avoid skin damage. It is best to use it before 10 am after 9 am. At this time, the sunlight is not very strong and can help calcium supplementation.

For the time of sunbathing, the longer the better, half an hour is enough, and it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the face while sunbathing, it is best to let the back face the sun.

Top 5 food with higher in calcium
Top 5 food with higher in calcium

The calcium content of 5 kinds of foods is similar to that of milk, so you might as well eat more

sea ​​cucumber

The nutritional value of sea cucumber is very rich, which contains protein, vitamins and calcium elements. Usually eating more sea cucumber can supplement the lack of nutrients for the body.

Therefore, if you want to supplement calcium, in addition to drinking milk, you can also eat more sea cucumbers, which can protect the health of bones, promote the absorption of protein, and improve the body’s immunity.


Soybeans belong to a kind of soy products, which are rich in trace elements and calcium. Eating soybeans regularly can supplement the body with the nutrients it needs, and can also protect the health of the body.

benefits of eating soy
benefits of eating soy

If you want to supplement calcium, in your daily life, you might as well eat more tofu made of soybeans or drink a cup of soy milk, which can not only supplement dietary fiber to the body, but also have the effect of supplementing calcium.


Cheese is a fermented dairy product. Because the concentration is higher than that of milk, the calcium content is also higher than that of milk. There are about 700 mg of calcium in 100 grams of cheese.

Moreover, the nutrients in cheese are easily absorbed by the human body, and it also contains a variety of proteins and trace elements. Eating cheese often can supplement calcium to the body, but cheese is relatively high in calories. It is best to eat it multiple times instead of eating too much at one time. .

benefits of eating cheese
benefits of eating cheese

dark green vegetables

We all know that drinking milk can replenish calcium to the body, but drinking milk every day will also feel boring. In addition to drinking milk, you can also eat more dark green vegetables.

Raw green vegetables also contain a lot of calcium, such as lettuce, broccoli, shepherd’s purse, etc. 100 grams of shepherd’s purse contains about 294 mg of calcium, which is more than the calcium contained in milk, so eating more green vegetables can also give the body Calcium supplement


Shiitake mushrooms are rich in calcium and vitamins, which are higher than milk. If you want to supplement your body with calcium, you might as well eat more shiitake mushrooms. Moreover, shiitake mushrooms can also help reduce blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

But before eating shiitake mushrooms, it is best to put them in the sun to dry, so as to make the vitamin D in shiitake mushrooms more active.

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