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3 Best methods of leg training for good shape

don’t know what purpose everyone is doing exercise for, but you should not ignore the training of the hips and legs.3 Best methods of leg training for good shape

the reason is very simple, because the training of the hips and legs can ensure that the coordinated development of the whole body can make the body proportions better. Well, it also helps with health

 3 Best methods of leg training for good shape
3 Best methods of leg training for good shape

The most unacceptable thing for people now is probably aging. However, after the age of 30, the muscle starts to lose continuously until the age of 40. The muscle loss will be strengthened, and then the body’s metabolism will continue to decrease, and the body will lose the sense of line. The skin begins to loosen.

The most important thing is that the bones lose pressure and tend to osteoporosis, so having a pair of strong legs in old age is directly related to the quality of life of the elderly.

 3 Best methods of leg training for good shape
3 Best methods of leg training for good shape

Leg training can not only shape, but also delay aging, recommend 3 methods of leg training
Regular hip training can not only effectively stimulate the muscle growth of the whole body, but also can maintain its own basal metabolism and avoid body distortion. The most important thing is that regular training can stimulate the growth of bones. Even in old age, the legs are still full of strength.

In fact, many people have certain misunderstandings about leg training, and feel that if you want to exercise, you need to go to the gym.

However, it can be done at home with small equipment, and there is no need to spend a lot of time on preparation. In the choice of equipment, you only need to use a relatively simple dumbbell elastic band, or bodyweight training, there is no problem at all.

 3 Best methods of leg training for good shape
3 Best methods of leg training for good shape

1. Dumbbell wide squat

Among all the home training, the squat is definitely the most classic leg training movement. Not only that, but the squat is also a classic compound movement, which can exercise the legs and buttocks very effectively. At the same time, the whole body has more than 200 pieces Muscles are involved.

Squatting with dumbbells is very popular among female friends. It can not only shift the focus of stimulation to the buttocks, but also does not have to worry about the limited ankle joints affecting the range of squatting.

best tips for leg workout
best tips for leg workout

2. Dumbbell straight-leg single-leg deadlift

This action of straight leg deadlift can be very effective in exercising the muscles of the buttocks and legs and also stimulate the back to a certain extent. Female friends can choose this exercise because it can raise the hip line very well.

In fact, this action is not as rigid as everyone thinks. On the contrary, there are several variants, such as during the exercise, the unsupported leg can be lifted back.

I have just started training, there will be some balance problems, but after a period of exercise, it can be very effective to improve these problems, not only to exercise the muscles of the legs, buttocks, back, arms, abdomen, waist Muscles can be effectively exercised, and balance can also be exercised.

3. In situ lunge squat

It is often said that 10 squats are not as good as one lunge, but this statement is a bit biased, after all, different modes of exercise have different functions.

Lunge squat is a compound movement, and it is also mainly used to exercise the hips and legs, but it is related to the depth. After all, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the body during the whole movement.

In the process of lunge squats, you can use a small force to stimulate the target muscles to a greater extent, which can reduce the pressure on the back to a certain extent, and also effectively solve the problem of uneven development on both sides. It is also possible to shift the position of stimulation by adjusting the span of the legs and the inclination of the body.

best tips for leg workout
best tips for leg workout

In the process of training, we must pursue quality, rather than speed and quantity, to ensure that each movement can be completed with high quality, so as to achieve the greatest exercise effect, and at the same time, we can try our best to avoid damage.

After training 15-20 unilateral movements for each movement, switch to the other side. In addition, the interval between movements and movements is optimal for 45 seconds, 4-5 groups each time.

After training, no matter how tired your body is, you must stretch and relax, and don’t stop exercising immediately. If you feel a certain part is quite tense during exercise, you may wish to use the rest time between movements. Targeted stretching can make your workout more effective with less effort

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