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3 truths that drinking alcohol damages the liver you should know

When we usually enjoy life, we always like to eat a variety of food to satisfy our taste buds. When we are immersed in food, the liver may be working hard. The body’s nutrition and toxin metabolism are inseparable from the help of the liver. In many cases, if you don’t pay attention, the pressure on the liver will easily double. If things go on like this, the health of the liver will be easily affected.3 truths that drinking alcohol damages the liver you should know

The liver not only has the function of metabolism, but also has an important function of storing and regulating blood, and it is also the source of energy supply for the body. Therefore, when the liver is healthy and injured, the blood flow of the body will also be affected, and the normal body operation will also be hindered. .

3 truths that drinking alcohol damages the liver you should know
3 truths that drinking alcohol damages the liver you should know

1. Three things you need to know about alcohol damage to the liver

First, only drinking one or two wines a day is not healthy, and it will damage the liver over time.

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol damages the liver. After all, the prestige of alcoholic liver is outside. But in our country, there is a concept of health preservation that has been spread for many years, that is, a small amount of alcohol can nourish the liver. This is actually wrong. The Lancet study has already given relevant proof, and the study found that even if drinking less than 20 grams per day, which is what we often call moderate drinking, it will increase the risk of cancer by 13.9%.

Alcohol is very stimulating to the body, and it must be metabolized by the liver when it enters the body. People who often like to drink will often experience liver damage. Such as fatty liver, cirrhosis, etc., can also increase the risk of cancer. Especially for patients with underlying liver diseases such as hepatitis B and C, the risk is even greater.

Second, drinking not only hurts the liver

It is true that drinking alcohol damages the liver, but you must know that drinking alcohol damages more than just the liver. Studies have found that a variety of cancers, such as esophageal cancer, liver cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer, etc., are related to alcohol consumption.

Third, red wine, beer, medicinal wine, as long as it is wine, should not drink too much

Liquor is the first thing that many people think of when drinking alcohol harms the liver. For wines such as red wine and medicinal wine, they may think it is healthy. No, no matter what kind of wine, there is alcohol in it, and it can be metabolized into acetaldehyde when it enters the body, thereby causing harm to the body.

In fact, many people know that drinking alcohol is harmful to the liver, and some people can’t help but drink a few glasses often. I remind these friends who love to drink, if they can’t stop drinking, they should also control their daily alcohol consumption in moderation. At the same time, they can In peacetime, pay more attention to some liver protection methods to reduce liver damage. In addition to drinking alcohol, many of these bad habits after getting out of bed are also very harmful to the liver. Quickly check if you have them. If so, correcting them in time is responsible for your health:

3 truths that drinking alcohol damages the liver you should know
3 truths that drinking alcohol damages the liver you should know

1. Smoke after waking up

Many smokers will become addicted to smoking early in the morning. They must light a cigarette to make themselves awake. In fact, smoking on an empty stomach in the morning will cause harmful substances such as nicotine to enter the body, directly threatening the lungs and affecting the normal metabolism of the liver. , in the long run, it is easy to cause liver disease or increase the risk of cancer.

Of course, the damage doesn’t stop there. For older people, they often suffer from vascular diseases, and there are more people with three highs. The morning is the peak blood pressure, especially when you get up, smoking at this time will cause greater hidden dangers to the body.

2. Waking up with severe gas

Some people will have a feeling of boredom, inexplicable anger, and negative emotions when they get up early in the morning. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “anger hurts the liver”. People who often like to get angry are more likely to be damaged. Pavlov also once said that “all stubborn worries and anxieties are enough to open the door to disease.” It can be seen that getting up early in the morning to have bad emotions is really harmful to health and not beneficial.

Smoke after waking
Smoke after waking

3. Get up early and hold back your urine

Many people have the habit of staying in bed when they get up early, especially in winter, when the weather is cold, and they don’t want to climb out of the warm bed. Even if they want to go to the toilet, they will persevere. In fact, these seemingly small habits are actually harming the health of the liver a little bit. Not only that, holding back urine will also damage the kidneys and affect the bladder. Long-term habits are prone to urinary tract infections, kidney and liver diseases.

It should be noted that some men have the habit of going to the toilet to smoke in the morning, which is of course also harmful to the body. Do less.

4. Skip breakfast or eat too much oil

I believe everyone has seen the news that skipping breakfast causes gallstones. And according to the liver and gallbladder, skipping breakfast hurts not only the gallbladder, but also the liver. A Canadian nutritionist once said: “A healthy breakfast can prolong satiety and prevent liver damage.” Of course, the way to protect the liver must be to choose a healthy breakfast, such as greasy and spicy breakfasts are not recommended. Not only does it damage liver health, but it is also not good for the body’s nutrient absorption.

Skip breakfast or eat too much oil
Skip breakfast or eat too much oil

In fact, the liver is also a “fighting general”. Unless it is a last resort, it has to work hard, but if it is really exhausted, we will lose more than our own gains in the end. Therefore, we should develop the habit of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver in peacetime, mainly from two aspects:

One is to do less things that hurt the liver, such as drinking alcohol, holding back urine, taking medicine indiscriminately, etc. These bad living habits can easily increase the burden on the liver. If we want to nourish the liver, we must first refuse to do these things that hurt the liver. .

The second is to have a reasonable and healthy diet, eat less food that is highly irritating to the body, and try to add as many liver-nourishing and liver-protecting ingredients to the diet as possible, such as jujube, donkey-hide gelatin, wolfberry, etc., and often drink water with jujube slices and wolfberry , but also a kind of protection for liver health.

Liver health requires us to pay attention to protection in our daily life, and do less things that hurt the liver. In fact, every organ of the body is indispensable, and the protection of physical health is the most important thing in our daily life.

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