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5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it

1. Best way of doing crunch

When I first started exercising, my abdominal muscles were too weak, so I had to be pulled by the coach to complete the abdominal training. With each training session, the abdominal muscles gradually become stronger. Just like me at the beginning, crunch is always a threshold for beginners. I find it difficult and can’t do a few. What should I do?5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it

5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it
5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it

The first method: reduce the difficulty of the movement.
For novices who have no fitness foundation, it is indeed difficult to crunch the abdomen. If you can’t do a few, you won’t be able to do it. It’s a normal phenomenon, let alone doing multiple sets of training. At this time, exercisers can reduce the difficulty of crunches in the following ways:

(1) Shorten the stroke of the crunch. When crunching, some people like to lift the body very high, and the curling force has a long stroke, which naturally requires high abdominal muscle strength. At the beginning, you can only do half of it and lift your upper body a little bit.

(2) Appropriately speed up getting up and borrow inertia. People who have just started training have weak abdominal muscles, so they can deliberately speed up the speed of abdominal crunches and use inertia to reduce the burden of abdominal muscles. However, as the strength of the abdominal muscles increases, the exerciser should gradually slow down the speed of the abdominal crunches to eliminate the influence of inertial force as much as possible.

(3) Press your feet. You can use a heavy object (such as a barbell plate) or have someone press your feet and start the crunches. At this time, you can use the strength of your legs to make the crunch easier.

Whether the training effect is good or bad does not entirely depend on the training load. Start training at a difficulty that suits you, and train step by step, than forcing yourself to complete difficult movements, the training effect is much better, and it is more reasonable and effective. As long as the movement is in place when crunches, it can effectively stimulate the abdominal muscles. Even if the difficulty of the movement is reduced, the training effect will not be bad.

 5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it
5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it

2. The second method: auxiliary training

As an aid, one rope is fastened to the wall and the trainer grabs the other end. Use your strength by pulling on the rope as you roll up. Another way is to find a training partner and ask him to hold your hand and give you a proper pull to help you get up while you do the crunches. Both of these methods allow beginners to have the ability to complete several sets of crunches in the early stages of abdominal muscle training.

It should be noted that when using auxiliary training, exercisers should not rely too heavily on auxiliary training. The greater the leverage, the less stimulated the abdominal muscles, and the worse the training effect. On the contrary, exercisers should reduce their dependence on aids or aids as much as possible, and keep reducing or reducing aids until no aids are used.

3. The third method: change the action

The third method: change the action
The abdominal muscles are well trained, and you can’t rely on just one movement of the abdominal muscles. Change the action, you can stimulate and exercise the abdominal muscles from different angles. Standard crunch, the stimulation of the upper abdomen is stronger. After practicing a few sets of crunches, you can switch to “supine leg raises” to stimulate more of the lower abs.

Even for experienced strength trainers, abdominal muscle training will not only practice one movement, but consists of multiple movements. For example: crunches, supine leg raises, Russian twists, etc.

4. The fourth method: use abdominal muscle training equipment

People who do strength training in the gym and find the crunch too difficult can use a seated or recumbent ab trainer. Since the weight can be adjusted, it is much less difficult than the crunches. Start with light weights, gradually transition to heavy weights, and then transition to the standard crunches lying on your back on the mat. But this process is not strictly differentiated and independent, but intertwined, that is, you can arrange both abdominal muscle training with equipment and abdominal training in one day’s abdominal muscle training.

 5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it
5 Best way of doing crunch easily you should try it

The fifth method: several people practice together
Exercise and fitness can be boring and long-term. When you train alone, it can be exhausting, difficult, and tempting to give up. If you can find one or two like-minded training partners, then the training of crunches or other movements will become easier and more efficient because of a good sports atmosphere. The psychology of competition and comparison between people (it does not mean deliberate comparison, but a naturally formed psychological state, it will be more stressful and motivated when someone exercises together), and it will also stimulate the exerciser’s athletic ability. The number of times, the number of sets, and the difficulty will have a greater improvement or breakthrough.

In short, as long as exercisers can practice abdominal crunches from the difficulty that suits them, and persist in training for a period of time, the strength of abdominal muscles will be significantly improved. At that time, the situation of “doing a few crunches and then not doing it anymore” will become history.

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