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5 good ways to eliminate nasolabial folds

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For those who love beauty, the least favorite thing is the appearance of wrinkles, especially the nasolabial folds. Nasal folds are the lines on both sides of the nose that extend to the bottom, which are generally caused by skin aging and expressive factors. So do you know how to eliminate nasolabial folds? In fact, many coupes can be used. The following is a brief introduction to a few good ways to eliminate them.5 good ways to eliminate nasolabial folds

First: eye cream

When you have nasolabial folds, you can choose eye cream. Apply an appropriate eye cream directly on the nasolabial folds, and then massage it gently. If you stick to it, you can slowly fade or even eliminate it.

Second: collagen supplementation

5 good ways to eliminate nasolabial folds
5 good ways to eliminate nasolabial folds

For the skin, my favorite is collagen. So when you have nasolabial folds, you can choose to eat some collagen-based foods, it can help maintain skin elasticity and fight aging.

Third: exercise the laughing muscles

How to eliminate the nasolabial folds? You can try to pronounce the letter “E” and lift the corners of the mouth to the sides. At this time, the upper lip should cover the upper teeth and continue to make a “smile” expression. When the corners of the mouth are stretched to the sides, the laughing muscles can be exercised. Maintain the action of the letter “E”, and then protrude the chin forward and lift it slightly from the bottom to the top, which can improve the lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin.

Fourth: mask


Nasal lines are really ugly, so if you want to eliminate them, you can try a mask. Many masks have the effect of eliminating skin wrinkles, such as bananas and olive oil. Mash the bananas, add olive oil and stir to make a mask, and apply it directly to the nasolabial folds.

Fifth: tea

Do you like to make tea in your life? If you have tea at home, you can use tea to eliminate nasolabial folds. You must know that there are many ingredients in tea, and many of them are suitable for the skin, such as tea polyphenols, aromatic compounds, proteins, vitamins and minerals, etc., so the effect of wrinkle removal is good.


The above are the common reasons for eliminating nasolabial lines. The editor wants to say that when you have nasolabial lines, you can try the above methods to improve.

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