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Benefits of doing meditate for one hour at a time

In the basic sense of meditation, its purpose is to restrain one’s own thoughts, so as to make the mind as quiet and inactive as possible. It’s just that there are many other positive factors in the specific meditation process.Benefits of doing meditate for one hour at a time

For example, it can eliminate people’s fatigue, relieve the pressure of work, and correct people’s body posture. If a person insists on meditating for a long time, in addition to improving one’s own cultivation, it is also beneficial to the “shaping” of the body. This aspect has been known by many people.

The real meditation is for practice. Whether it is restraining people’s various thoughts, or tempering their own endurance, they can all play a very good role. Anything in the world is worth perseverance. The same goes for meditation. Only by perseverance can you hope to succeed. The so-called meditation is used for practice, and its basis is also derived from this.

Benefits of doing  meditate for one hour at a time
Benefits of doing meditate for one hour at a time

Due to the difference in physique and endurance of each person, the length of time he spends meditating is different. Some people even have very hard bones, and they can’t even do a double-pan, so they can only meditate on a single-pan. For such people, it is only possible to slowly exercise the flexibility of the muscles and bones of the legs.

In addition, some people have different tolerance levels for leg pain when meditating, and the length of time they meditate is also different.

Many people have such a doubt: meditating for an hour, is it better to sit on the feet once, or is it better to sit twice? Why do you have this doubt? Because when some people meditate, their legs are very painful, and many times they cannot be completed in one hour, so they feel that they will put their legs down and then sit cross-legged for half an hour. Because the time spent meditating is the same, there is not much difference in the effect. #How long does it take to meditate each time#

Regarding this issue, it really is “the public has the public, and the mother has the mother.” Some people even think that there is no difference between the two methods. Of course, this statement is from the perspective of “as long as you meditate” and can be excluded.

With this doubt in mind, let stand in the perspective of a cultivator and analyze with everyone the length of meditation and the impact it has on him. Of course, the answer is there.

Benefits of doing  meditate for one hour at a time
Benefits of doing meditate for one hour at a time

First, let’s talk about the mystery of meditation.

In the basic sense of meditation, when a person meditates, there will be a problem of leg pain. If the leg is too painful, it becomes unbearable. According to the analysis of practitioners of past dynasties, it is believed that leg pain during meditation is a manifestation of eliminating karma. When sharing meditation with others, Nan Huaijin said that when you meditate alone, you must endure constantly. If you endure this pain, you will be able to eliminate your karma.

Because Buddhists believe that any suffering and affliction of a person is caused by the person’s karma. Without karma, he would not have leg pain when he meditated. That is to say, meditation is a form of enduring hardships, and after enduring hardships, one obtains this kind of relaxation and pleasure of body and mind.

From this point of view, the leg pain caused by meditating for an hour at a time is completely different from the effect of eliminating karma from the leg pain caused by meditating twice for an hour.

In terms of the degree of leg pain, if you meditate for an hour at a time, it must be done in two sessions. In other words, meditating for an hour is best done at one time.

But the secret of meditation is not just to eliminate karma, it only has a side effect. The real mystery of meditation lies in its role in another aspect.

Benefits of doing  meditate for one hour at a time
Benefits of doing meditate for one hour at a time

The reason why I say this is because a person’s realm is reflected by the purity of the mind. For example, in the Tao Te Ching, it says: “People follow the earth, the earth follows the sky, the heaven follows the Tao, and the Tao follows the nature.” The so-called Tao follows the nature, which is the highest embodiment of tranquility and inaction.

When a person is constantly meditating, constantly restraining his thoughts, and letting his mind gradually reach the level of “naturalness”, then you are on the right path.

Problems follow. The more a person meditates, the more their legs hurt, that is, the more frequent and tumultuous their thoughts are. If you take it down after meditating for half an hour, it is equivalent to not restraining it. Then sit for another half an hour, the mind will be noisy again, and then take it down…

From the essence of practice, the effect of this kind of meditation for half an hour is not very big.

what is the benefits of doing meditate
what is the benefits of doing meditate

And meditating for an hour is to constantly restrain this frequent thought. This really plays the central role of meditation.

From this point of view, if you meditate for an hour at a time, it will have a much greater effect than if you meditate twice for an hour. Moreover, practice pays attention to a problem of “diligence”. Only by rapidly improving one’s own state can a person truly conform to the original intention of cultivation.

On the surface, it is the same time for the same person to meditate for an hour. For the speed of practice, it is completely different. So their effects are worlds apart.

what is the benefits of doing meditate
what is the benefits of doing meditate

In the past, Taoist masters and disciples forced him to meditate all the time. If you move your legs off halfway through your sitting, you will be beaten by Master. Part of the origin of “meditation” is also here.

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