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Benefits of running everyday

Is running every day the best way to train? Is it really good for the body? How should I arrange for a run? If the mileage is the same, is it better to run every day or every other day?Benefits of running everyday

 Benefits of running everyday
Benefits of running everyday

The above questions are actually quite complicated and should be considered from the runner’s monthly running volume, life habits, stages and training purposes.
In the hearts of many runners, insisting on running every day has always been regarded as a performance of perseverance, which is a good habit. But in terms of kinematics, the answer is not necessarily!
Sports researchers have done the following related experimental studies:
Subject: People who don’t exercise much
Experiment content: Use equipment to exercise the left and right legs of each subject, let one leg exercise 60 minutes a day, and the other leg to complete the same exercise 2 times every other day (60 minutes of exercise on the first day, 2 hours of rest, then Exercise for another 60 minutes, rest the next day).
Experiment period: 10 consecutive weeks. The results showed that: all the experimental subjects got the training effect, the maximal muscle strength of both legs was enhanced, and the exercise endurance was also prolonged.

 Benefits of running everyday
Benefits of running everyday

However, in terms of continuous exercise time, the legs that completed twice the training every other day were significantly better than the legs that were trained every day. The researchers went on to compare the energy metabolism of the legs and found that the group trained on alternate days had the following two characteristics:
1) The reserve of muscle glycogen at rest before exercise increases;
2) It is easier to use fat for energy during exercise.
Compared with exercising every day, increasing the load exercise every other day can not only increase the storage of muscle glycogen in the body at rest, but also increase the amount of fat utilization during exercise.

 Benefits of running everyday
Benefits of running everyday

It can be said that for ordinary runners with little exercise, the scientific running method is not to insist on running every day, but to run every other day, that is, to run for one day and rest for one day. Of course, if there are other training purposes, arranging running breaks is another matter.
Suitable running frequency for beginners
If you are running for health, it is very simple. Run 5 to 8 kilometers each time 3 times a week. This is the basic threshold for healthy running. This is a healthy person who exercises regularly. But if you want to lose weight, this amount of running may be difficult to achieve obvious results.

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