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Best 3 type of food for anti aging

Why do some people age prematurely? 3 types of food to eat less, teach you scientific anti-aging

In our life, we can often find that people around us may be of the same age, but there will be a big gap in appearance, image and even temperament. Some people look old and some people look very young. For example, a famous film and television star, looked like he was in his 40s when he was 63 years old. He went to see a 60-year-old man in a nursing home and was called a young man. It is estimated that the uncle who was visited could not have imagined that the young man beside him was even older than himself.Best 3 type of food for anti aging

In fact, maintaining a youthful state is inseparable from daily maintenance. If the body does not pay attention to accelerated aging, it will be even more difficult to change it when the aging state is fully manifested.

 Why do some people age prematurely?  3 types of food to eat less, teach you scientific anti-aging
Why do some people age prematurely? 3 types of food to eat less, teach you scientific anti-aging

Have you noticed the changes in your body that accelerate aging?

Getting shorter

I believe that many middle-aged and elderly people will feel the same, that is, when they get older, their height begins to shrink back, and they are not as tall as when they were young. In fact, these are obvious manifestations of aging. First of all, the aging of muscles leads to a decrease in the support of the body. At this time, a hunchback will occur, resulting in a shorter height. The second is the loss of bone mass, the lack of straightness of the lumbar rod due to osteoporosis, and the overall curvature of the spine, which also leads to the problem of height and shortening.

Decline of memory

As we grow older, our memory will decline. This is a very normal thing. When we get older, senile brain atrophy will occur. Although it is also a normal situation, it does lead to a significant decline in memory. Under normal circumstances, when we experience memory decline, it often means that our brain is aging at an accelerated rate. It may be a good habit to use the brain more and more.

Physical decline

This is often invisible to us, but we can clearly feel it when doing heavy physical work. Soreness in the lower back and legs means the aging of bones and muscles, and panting without doing two things means the decline of cardiopulmonary function. When we feel that we are accustomed to the tiring work but are unable to do what we are used to, it actually means that we are starting to accelerate. aging.

Difficulty on both sides

Size is the simplest thing, we have to do it every day, people have three urgency, but if there are problems with both bowel movements, it means that we are aging. If constipation often occurs, difficulty in defecation indicates that the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract has slowed down, and difficulty in urination may be caused by male prostatic hyperplasia or kidney disease.

The above four situations are actually the most common changes in our body that begin to accelerate aging. When these problems occur, we should put our anti-aging maintenance on the agenda in advance. By this time, it is the last anti-aging period. If If you don’t pay attention to the old state, it will be difficult to restore it.

Best 3 type of food for anti aging
Best 3 type of food for anti aging

People with premature aging love to eat three kinds of food, which are harmful to health and can’t eat more

1.Fried food

Fried foods are very common in our lives, such as fried meat skewers, fried chicken chops, etc. These foods fried at high oil temperature will produce some harmful substances, and generate free radicals that lead to oxidative aging of body tissue cells. The intake of high oil itself can easily lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, fatty liver and other diseases, which in turn lead to endocrine disorders in the body and hormone secretion disorders and accelerate our body aging.

2.Foods that contain aluminum

Aluminum is not an element that our body needs. A small amount of intake will not harm our health, but regular intake of aluminum will affect the body’s absorption of calcium and accelerate the aging of the brain. It may also be related to serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s. certain connection. In general, when we cook food every day, it is not recommended to use aluminum pots or aluminum pots for serving dishes. When aluminum products are exposed to acid and alkaline foods for a long time, the aluminum in them will precipitate into the food, thereby causing damage to our bodies.

3.Foods that contain lead

Foods containing lead are actually not uncommon. Common ones are pine eggs, popcorn, canned food, etc. Although many have launched lead-free types now, it is not recommended to eat more for the sake of caution. Lead is a metal element that is useless to our body, and it is difficult to excrete from the body. It also has certain neurotoxicity, which may cause brain damage. If too much lead is ingested at one time, it may lead to acute poisoning. In some factories, it may also lead to lead poisoning due to exposure, causing adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

Aging does not happen overnight. It requires a continuous process. In this process, as long as we do the right things, we can resist aging and make ourselves younger and more energetic.

How to do better to resist aging?
How to do better to resist aging?

How to do better to resist aging?

1.Choose more antioxidant foods

When our body contains more free radicals, it will lead to the aging of body cells and accelerate aging, and choosing supplemental antioxidant foods can help us delay aging and eliminate free radicals. Common antioxidant foods can choose foods rich in vitamin E, such as grapes, melon seeds, mangoes, walnuts, etc., you can also choose salmon.

2.Exercise the brain with in and out

Our brain is almost the first organ in our body to begin to age. When our brain is fully developed, it will begin to age, and the ageing of the brain is not impossible to prevent. It is an easy to understand truth. You can do some mind-boggling things such as guessing, reading, and calculations, and regular exercise can slow down the speed of brain aging.

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