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Best 5 kinds of food help to increase testosterone

I believe that everyone has heard of androgens, but some people don’t know much about them, thinking that androgens are only found in boys. In fact, men and women have this hormone.Best 5 kinds of food help to increase testosterone

Because androgens are more abundant in men, they can make male characteristics more obvious. Androgens are good for the body and can make men healthier.

Androgen is one of the most important hormones in men’s body, which not only affects the image of men, but also plays a very important role in men’s physical health.

 Best 5 kinds of food help to increase testosterone
Best 5 kinds of food help to increase testosterone

Men with strong androgens are not only enviable in appearance, but also in very good physical condition. What will happen if the male hormone secretion is too low? What foods can you eat to help replenish androgen?

1. What happens when there is too little male hormone secretion?

  1. The hair grows slowly and sparsely, and there is abnormal hair loss and gray hair.
  2. Poor sleep quality, insomnia, dreams, easy to wake up.
  3. Mood swings are large, grumpy, and angry at every turn.
  4. Depressed spirit, weak and sickly, decreased immunity, long-term sub-health state, no masculinity.
 What happens when there is too little male hormone secretion?
What happens when there is too little male hormone secretion?

2. Men should not be too frugal, eat 5 kinds of foods often, or help supplement androgen

animal organs

For those with insufficient androgens, men can properly eat some offal such as beef offal or sheep offal. There is more cholesterol in animal offal. Cholesterol is one of the raw materials for the synthesis of androgens.

Men who eat animal offal properly can help supplement androgens and maintain endocrine balance, but those with high cholesterol and blood lipids should eat less of these foods.


Men should eat peanuts and other foods rich in zinc in their daily life, which can promote the secretion of androgens, because zinc can stimulate the relevant parts and secrete more hormones to meet the needs of the body.

benefits of eating peanuts
benefits of eating peanuts

In addition, zinc is also helpful for physical health. The function of the brain nerve tissue of the elderly declines. Eating peanuts properly can help brain health and prevent Alzheimer’s.


Eating more seafood can also promote the secretion of androgens in the body, such as oysters, which can not only promote the secretion of androgens, but also have a good effect on the health of the kidneys.

But everyone should also pay attention to eating fresh seafood as much as possible. If the seafood has deteriorated, it will contain some toxins, so you can no longer eat it.

benefits of eating seafood
benefits of eating seafood

calcium rich foods

If the androgen level in the male body decreases, the rate of calcium loss will accelerate and cause osteoporosis. Eating more calcium-containing foods can replenish the calcium lost in the body in time.

Milk is rich in calcium. In addition to calcium, it is also rich in protein and other trace elements and minerals, which can maintain the secretion of male hormones in men.

Foods Containing Vitamin E

Vitamin E can maintain the normal function of cells in the body, and can also delay the aging speed of the body. Male friends eat more foods containing vitamin E, which can help to eliminate pigmentation on the face.

benefits of eating food contain vitamin e
benefits of eating food contain vitamin e

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin E, and also contains vitamin AC, folic acid, amino acids, etc. Men usually eat more kiwifruit and other foods containing vitamin E to help supplement androgens.

If male friends want to supplement androgens, diet alone is not enough. In life, they should also insist on exercising, develop good work and rest habits, and quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible, which can not only protect the health of the kidneys, but also maintain the strong secretion of male hormones.

Moreover, you must maintain a good mood in daily life. If you are in negative emotions such as anxiety and depression for a long time, there will be obvious androgen deficiency. Therefore, if you maintain a good mood, the secretion of androgen will also increase.

NOTE: If you have more problem then contact to your doctor,i am only provide a knowledge.Kindly consult to your doctor for your problems.

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