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Best anti aging foods younger looking skin for female and male

We all know that the elderly are already in the stage of aging, but some people look older and some people look younger. In fact, anti-aging can not stop. So do you know how the elderly can resist aging? In fact, it is recommended to eat less of the following foods in the diet.Best anti aging foods younger looking skin for female and male

1st: Alcohol

side effect of drinking alcohol
side effect of drinking alcohol

Many people have developed the habit of drinking when they are old, but the editor recommends not to drink too much. You must know that alcohol can easily lead to dehydration of cells and accelerate aging. Therefore, you should drink less alcohol, especially not too much. Oh.

Second: Processed meat

processed meat
processed meat

Did you know? In fact, processed meat can easily lead to aggravation of aging, such as smoked sausage ham and so on. These foods contain a lot of sodium and chemical preservatives, which can easily lead to the appearance of diseases and the aggravation of aging, so it is recommended to eat less of these foods.

Third: fried food

fried food
fried food

Many people love to eat fried food. This kind of food is very fragrant, so they all love it. Did you know that when food is fried at high temperature, it will easily lead to more free radicals or unstable molecules. Excessive intake of free radicals will cause oxidative damage to body cells, thereby accelerating our body aging.

Fourth: spicy

Many people have the habit of eating spicy food, but the elderly suggest that it is best not to eat spicy food. You must know that although pepper can be appetizing, when it is extremely stimulating to the stomach, it can easily lead to aging.

Fifth: BBQ

Barbecue is a favorite of many friends, but barbecue, especially in burnt meat, will produce advanced glycosylation product acrylamide and some heterocyclic amine carcinogens, which will cause damage to body cells, This in turn causes an inflammatory response that leads to damage to the body’s health and accelerated cellular aging.

These are the dietary tips for anti-aging for the elderly. It is recommended to eat these kinds of foods at ordinary times, these will lead to the aggravation of aging.Best anti aging foods younger looking skin for female and male

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