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Best fish for babies to eat in india usa canada uk

Children who ate fish at least once a week had higher average sleep quality and IQ scores than children who didn’t eat fish, according to new research published in the journal Science by the University of Pennsylvania. Best fish for babies to eat in india usa canada uk

Best fish for babies to eat in india usa canada uk
Best fish for babies to eat in india usa canada uk

This is because compared to pork, beef, etc., fish contains a special nutrient, which is DHA we often hear. It is an indispensable and important nutrient for the human body and an important part of the brain, known as “brain gold”. It is abundant in the brain cell membrane and retina, accounting for 35%-45% of the total fatty acids in the brain, and is essential for the development of intelligence and vision.

However, the human body’s own ability to synthesize DHA is relatively weak and inefficient, which suggests that the baby can obtain it from the diet. The highest quality food source of DHA/EPA is fish, especially deep sea fish. Therefore, feeding your baby with fish will help your baby’s brain development.

Best fish for babies to eat in india usa canada uk
Best fish for babies to eat in india usa canada uk

And in addition to DHA, the choline in fish supports the development of the baby’s spinal cord, iron and zinc boost the child’s immune system, and fish is a source of other nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. Therefore, after adding complementary food to the baby, you can arrange to eat fish 2 to 3 times a week, and eat about 50g each time.

However, when feeding fish to children, be aware that not all fish are suitable for children to eat. Mainly grasp these simple principles to choose: DHA should be high, mercury content should be low, and thorns should be less.

higher DHA content

Generally speaking, the high content of DHA and EPA, the natural price is also high, such as some deep-sea fish, the price is very expensive. However, there are also some fish that are relatively cost-effective, such as perch, hairtail, longli, small yellow croaker, pomfret, etc. These are not only rich in DHA and EPA, but also relatively low in methylmercury, so mothers can take turns to arrange for their children to eat .

Avoid high-mercury fish

There is a certain amount of mercury pollution in marine fish, including trace amounts of methylmercury. Long-term exposure to children will cause damage to their brains and nervous systems.

The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have clearly stated: For pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as children, tilefish, shark, swordfish, swordfish, golden eye bream, Fish with high mercury content, such as breast bream, are not recommended for children.

Avoid high-mercury fish
Avoid high-mercury fish

Less thorns, easy to handle, good cooking

Grass carp, crucian carp, silver carp, etc. have thorns with fleshy residue, and people can taste the pain of being stuck by fish bones in minutes. Adults should be extra careful when eating them, let alone children.

Therefore, when it comes to feeding fish to children, it is also a very important principle to have fewer thorns and be easier to handle. Salmon, cod, flounder, perch, pomfret, etc. are all fish that have fewer bones and are easier to handle. Of course, shrimp and oysters DHA is also rich and convenient to eat, and mothers can replace it for their children.

What is the most nutritious way to eat fish? Braised or steamed?

When cooking fish for your baby, it is not recommended to eat any raw fish and aquatic products, including sushi and sashimi, because there may be parasites in raw fish, and long-term consumption will affect your child’s health.

In addition, for the baby to cook fish, it is best to choose steaming, boiling, filling and other methods. First of all, DHA and EPA are not very heat-resistant, and steamed fish is not easy to lose nutrients. Secondly, the original flavor is beneficial to the development of the baby’s sense of taste, and cooking methods such as frying will not only change the taste of the fish itself, but also affect the fish itself. It is easy to digest, so it is not recommended for babies to eat fried, fried or pickled fish.

In addition, a balanced diet is the foundation of a child’s healthy development when a child is growing up. Although eating fish is good for the baby, mothers don’t need to add fish to the baby. Eating too much is also good for the baby. There is a metabolic burden, so keep everything in moderation.

NOTE: If you have more problem then contact to your doctor,i am only provide a knowledge.Kindly consult to your doctor for your problems.

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