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Best food for enhancer gastric motility

Introduction: the audience of stomach disease patients is getting younger and younger.Best food for enhancer gastric motility

Helicobacter pylori is also familiar to us. When Helicobacter pylori enters the stomach, it attaches to the gastric mucosa and becomes infected for weeks or even months before causing stomach problems. After more than 10 years, it may develop into stomach ulcers Or duodenal ulcer, if the recovery is not good, it is likely to lead to gastric cancer, according to data, the incidence of gastric cancer in China has more than tripled due to Helicobacter pylori infection.

Best food for enhancer gastric motility
Best food for enhancer gastric motility

If the body has three manifestations, it may be infected with Helicobacter pylori, please check as soon as possible

1. Bad breath

When bad breath occurs, many people think that it is a problem of the oral cavity, but this situation may also be an early symptom of Helicobacter pylori infection. After Helicobacter pylori infection, it will cause indigestion in the stomach. At the same time, The odor caused by the secretions secreted by bacteria is also emitted through the mouth, so when you suddenly have bad breath, you should pay special attention to your stomach health.

Best food for enhancer gastric motility
Best food for enhancer gastric motility

2. vomit

If the body is invaded by Helicobacter pylori, it is easy to vomit. Many people will have a heavy burden on the stomach after eating. In addition, the stimulation of Helicobacter pylori will cause damage to the gastric mucosa. After repeated actions, many people have obvious symptoms. The symptom is easy to vomit. Therefore, if you vomit repeatedly, we also need to be vigilant against Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. Through reasonable medication to inhibit the formation of Helicobacter pylori, keep the stomach healthy, and the phenomenon of vomiting will improve.

3. chronic abdominal pain

The stimulation of Helicobacter pylori to the gastric mucosa will cause a series of inflammations, and patients will experience abdominal pain in their daily life. In the early stage, the symptoms of this abdominal pain are relatively mild, but with the gradual development of the disease, the phenomenon of abdominal pain It will become more and more obvious that there will be persistent abdominal pain due to the ulcerated surface of the gastric mucosa, which will recur even if the situation improves with gastric medication.

how to recover chronic abdominal pain
how to recover chronic abdominal pain

2.Eat 4 more foods at ordinary times, or can enhance gastric motility

When it comes to nourishing the stomach, the first thing that comes to our mind is millet porridge. However, in fact, there are not many nutrients in millet, but in the hard life of the older generation, drinking millet porridge was already very nutritious at that time. Although many people think that millet porridge can nourish the stomach, in fact, millet itself does not have many ingredients that depend on the digestion of the stomach

However, just using millet porridge to nourish the stomach is a bit simple, if you want to nourish the stomach, you can eat these foods on a regular basis, or it can help enhance the gastric motility, nourish and protect the stomach.

1. Yam

The nature of yam is very mild. It is used to make soup in autumn and winter. It has a good tonic effect. Yam has the functions of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach and promoting digestion. Compared with other vegetables, yam can secrete a viscous protein. It can stick to our gastrointestinal mucosa for a period of time to protect our stomach.

Therefore, eating yam can play a certain analgesic effect in the case of stomach pain.

benefits of eating yam
benefits of eating yam

2. Pumpkin

Pumpkin contains pectin and soluble fiber, which can protect the gastric mucosa, reduce the damage of rough food to the stomach, and help the healing of gastric ulcers.

3. Papaya

Papaya contains papain enzymes, which can help decompose and accelerate protein absorption, which can relieve the symptoms of indigestion and gastritis. Papaya is also a good food for strengthening the spleen and stomach and treating stomach problems.

benefits of eating papaya
benefits of eating papaya

4. Carrot

Carrot is a common vegetable that is very popular and has the reputation of “little ginseng”. Carrot is a product with high nutritional value. It is rich in carotene and various trace elements. Eating it can nourish the stomach.

Conclusion: In order to nourish your stomach in spring, you can try several of the things mentioned above, which may help strengthen the spleen and stomach, the stomach is a very important organ that needs careful maintenance and conditioning, conditioning your stomach, Your body can be better.

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