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Best food for make liver strong

These kinds of food are called “strong liver king”, the doctor reminds: eat more when it is time to nourish the liver in spring

Winter has passed and spring has come, and all things have recovered. Now it has entered spring. Among the four seasons, spring belongs to wood, and the liver also belongs to wood among the five internal organs of the human body, so the spring qi flows through the liver.Best food for make liver strong

Health, we should adapt to the season, so the spring health care is the most important thing in the liver.

Spring is not only the best time to nourish the liver and protect the liver, but also a time for liver diseases. Because of the dry weather in spring, it is easy to make people feel irritable, and liver qi depression is easy to give birth to many diseases, such as high blood pressure, strong liver fire, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. disease and more prone to stroke.

Best food for make liver strong
Best food for make liver strong

The liver is also a “dumb organ” with no pain nerves on it. When the liver changes, it is not easy for us to detect. Therefore, the liver is an organ that is not easy to be valued by us in normal times. Already “scarred”.

When these abnormalities appear in the body, it means that the liver is already scarred, and the liver should be nourished as soon as possible.
Frequent bleeding gums

Many people experience bleeding gums when brushing their teeth. Some people think that they are using too much force, and some people think that they are getting angry, which is generally not related to the liver. In fact, liver lesions can also easily lead to bleeding gums.

When liver disease occurs, the function of the liver to synthesize coagulation factors will be reduced. After the reduction of coagulation factors in the body, abnormal coagulation mechanisms are prone to occur. The gums are a relatively weak place. chance of bleeding.

Best food for make liver strong
Best food for make liver strong

dry, or red, swollen eyes

The liver opens the eyes and the eyes are connected to the liver. When the liver is damaged, the eyes will also experience some discomfort, especially after getting up in the morning, the eyes will be dry. If it is accompanied by blurred vision, the eyes will be red. Redness and swelling, etc., this indicates that the liver is insufficient and the liver fire is strong.

When liver disease occurs, some people will also experience yellowing of the whites of the eyes. This is caused by abnormal bilirubin metabolism. It is necessary to go to the hospital for liver CT examination as soon as possible.

Best food for make liver strong
Best food for make liver strong

white and black nails

The nails are the extension of the tendons in the body, and the liver is the main tendon. The color of the nails is also related to the health of the liver. The color of the nails should be pink, ruddy and shiny under normal circumstances, which means that the liver blood is sufficient, but if the nails are full of blood. The color is white, black and no blood, indicating that the liver function is blocked, and the liver blood is not nourished.

loss of appetite

Many people feel that they have lost their appetite and just lost weight, but if they have no appetite all day, they should also be highly vigilant. This will not be able to supply sufficient nutrients to the body, and it is also a sign of many diseases. The liver is the part with the least distribution of the sensory nervous system in the human body. There is no severe discomfort in the early stage of the disease, and the first reaction is loss of appetite.

what we do for prevent liver
what we do for prevent liver

Because the liver secretes bile and participates in the digestion and absorption of fat, if you feel nausea and vomiting when you see greasy food, it means that the liver has pathological changes, and you must check it as soon as possible.

These kinds of food are called “strong liver king”, the doctor reminds: eat more when it is time to nourish the liver in spring

Raisin is known as the “natural strong liver king”. As one of the most common daily snacks, it has a strong antioxidant effect and can help delay aging.

The special antioxidant factors in raisins can achieve the effect of delaying aging, and can also help eliminate free radicals in the body, discharge toxins and garbage in the body, and reduce the burden on the liver.

After the raisins are processed, a certain amount of resveratrol is produced. After entering the body, this substance can help repair damaged liver cells and protect the health of the liver. Especially after drinking alcohol, you can eat some raisins properly, which can alleviate the effects of alcohol. liver damage.

what we do for prevent liver
what we do for prevent liver


The nutritional value of black plum is relatively high, and it is also known as the “natural king of strong liver”. Black plum can achieve the effect of “harmonizing liver qi and nourishing liver blood”. Friends with poor liver can often eat black plum, which can enhance liver function. The detoxification and detoxification function accelerates the metabolism of toxins and wastes, and liver cirrhosis will also retreat.


Many people think that papaya can play a role in breast enhancement. Papaya contains nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids, which can meet the body’s nutritional needs. In fact, for people with declining liver function, eating papaya can also promote the synthesis of liver cells. The body removes toxins and wastes and strengthens the liver.

pork liver

In traditional medicine, there is a saying that “use the shape to supplement the shape”. You can eat pig liver properly at ordinary times. The iron content in pig liver is relatively high, and it can also achieve the effect of nourishing qi and blood. However, you must strictly control the amount, because pig liver The cholesterol content of the liver is relatively high, especially for patients with three highs, they should eat as little as possible.

what we do for prevent liver
what we do for prevent liver


In normal times, we often say, “When people are middle-aged, they must soak wolfberry in a thermos”. Lycium barbarum contains wolfberry polysaccharide, protein, vitamins, phosphorus and iron and other nutrients, which can protect liver cells and improve liver function. Treatment also has some effect.


Five colors enter the five internal organs, and greens enter the liver. In spring, the price of spinach is relatively cheap. You can eat more spinach to achieve the effect of nourishing the liver. Spinach is rich in folic acid, vitamin diet, and high in fiber content, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and accelerate gastrointestinal motility. Waste, hot gas toxins, reduce the burden on the liver, enhance liver function.

Usually do two actions to add power to the liver

Close your eyes and rest

Nowadays, regardless of men, women and children, they often play with mobile phones, and many office workers are also facing the computer for a long time, which is very serious to the damage to the eyes. The connection between the eyes and the liver will damage the health of our liver, and excessive use of the eyes will also deplete the liver blood. You can often close your eyes and rest your mind, press and rub the eye area properly, and the liver will become stronger and stronger.

beating the inner thigh

In normal times, you can often beat the inner thigh, which is the place where the liver meridian passes through. It can achieve the effect of dredging the meridians and promoting the operation of liver qi. If you insist on tapping several times a day, the liver qi will be smooth and the anger will be reduced, but everyone must Pay attention not to be too hard, but also pay attention to time, do not beat after 11 o’clock in the evening.

These kinds of food are called "strong liver king"
These kinds of food are called “strong liver king”

Conclusion: Although the compensatory function of the liver is relatively strong, the liver is also easily injured. Everyone must get rid of the bad habit of staying up late, drink more water, eat more liver-nourishing ingredients, exercise properly, and enhance the power of the liver. healthier.

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