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Best fruits to eat for the skin whitening

Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to Fitness. Today, I will start sharing about health preservation, because fitness is to pursue a good figure under the premise of having a good body, and health preservation is also the same purpose. In addition to being a good figure and a good body, if it helps you, remember to follow and share.Best fruits to eat for the skin whitening

Best fruits to eat for the skin whitening
Best fruits to eat for the skin whitening

White and tender skin

Mulberry can nourish liver and kidney, nourish qi and blood, eat more mulberry to help whiten and tender skin and change skin microcirculation.

Eliminate edema

Peaches are good for yang, invigorating qi and invigorating blood. They are rich in potassium and a small amount of sodium, which can help eliminate edema.

Best fruits to eat for the skin whitening
Best fruits to eat for the skin whitening

skin whitening

Cranberries are high in VC and anthocyanin, have good antioxidant properties, can help scavenge free radicals and prevent the accumulation of melanin.

speed up metabolism

Grapes are rich in anthocyanins. Squeeze the grape seeds together with the pulp to drink juice, which can improve the metabolism of the skin.

improve metabolism
improve metabolism

Lighten fine lines

The carotene and enzymes in mango can stimulate the vitality of cells and promote the production of collagen, thereby plumping up the skin.


Pomegranate is the king of antioxidants in fruits. It contains a lot of pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins, which can help detoxify the skin and make the skin more translucent and whiter.

anti oxidant
anti oxidant

【Kiyama Goji and Chrysanthemum Tea】

Cassia, chrysanthemum, wolfberry, licorice, honeysuckle, orange peel, made into tea bags and soaked in water.

Actions: clearing away heat and reducing fire, soothing liver and regulating qi, detoxifying and detoxifying, nourishing liver blood.

【Kaiyama Corn Silk Tea】

Corn silk, bitter buckwheat, gardenia, and corn germ are made into tea bags and soaked in water to drink.

Action: Dispel dampness and diuresis, clear away heat and detoxify, lower liver fire.

【Mulberry rose tea】

Mulberry, rose, red date, tuckahoe, lily, made into tea bags, soaked in water to drink.

Actions: soothes the liver and relieves depression, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, and promotes beauty and beauty.

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