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Best way to remove oil from face and makes skin shiny

For some of my friends, it is difficult to apply makeup, because the face is often shiny, and if you put on makeup, it will look greasy. This is really not an easy task, and it is not possible to completely improve the situation by using dry foundation. , but we have to adjust internally to avoid the flood of oily shine. Next, we will discuss with you the problem of oily face.Best way to remove oil from face and makes skin shiny

 Why is my face shiny but not oily
Why is my face shiny but not oily

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First: Excessive hydration, such as frequent application of a mask, is also prone to this situation. Excessive hydration and excess skin nutrition means that you love your skin too much. Excessive skin care causes the pores to be blocked, causing the face to be full of oil.

Second: Eating too much greasy, such as eating greasy, heavy-tasting, heavy-tasting food, and spicy food, may also cause this situation.

how to remove oil from face
how to remove oil from face

Third: endocrine, caused by strong sebum secretion, as well as friends who like smoking, drinking, and friends who often use cosmetics are also more prone to this situation.

Fourth: Originally oily skin, but no matter what, let it develop, it may become more and more greasy.

Fifth: caused by puberty.

How to remove oil from face.

First: in terms of diet, first of all, we should pay attention to eating less greasy food, as well as spicy food. We should put aside heavy-tasting food for the time being, and then take vitamin B2 and B6 to see if it can be improved. During this period, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Second: If you are a friend who usually likes makeup, or who often pay attention to skin care, you should consider whether the makeup is not removed, or it is caused by excessive skin care. We need to use less makeup, and don’t use too much when washing your face. If you want to use the facial cleanser, try to take care of it with water for a period of time to see if it will improve.

how to deal with oily skin
how to deal with oily skin

Third: Friends with oily skin, it is best to consider using skin care products and cosmetics suitable for oily skin, which can also improve to a certain extent.

Fourth: If it is an endocrine problem, or the secretion of sebum is strong, we need to consider traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, and the abnormality caused by the special period of puberty, maybe it will improve after puberty.

Does the oily face have something to do with endocrine?

First: if the face is oily occasionally, or in some special periods, such as menstrual period, puberty, or premenstrual period, and pregnancy, etc., the oily face is actually a This is a relatively normal situation, which will also have a certain relationship with endocrine, but we don’t have to worry too much, because people in these special periods generally have this situation, not just you.

Second: If the face is oily for a long time, there is no special period to distinguish, but it is the same for a long time, we must first consider whether our skin is oily, and choose some skin care products suitable for oily skin.

Does the oily face have something to do with endocrine?
Does the oily face have something to do with endocrine?

Third: If there is no improvement after using skin care products suitable for oily skin, then we should consider traditional medicine conditioning, usually drink more water, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, or use traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and cupping to improve symptoms.

Often the face is oily, and we will also consider that most of them have some problems with endocrine or sebum secretion, but generally speaking, the problem is not big, because some conditioning can be carried out, and it can be improved. The tobacco and alcohol that should be quit, Avoid greasy food. You can also try acupuncture and cupping. You can also drink more water and eat less greasy food. This symptom can be gradually improved.

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