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Can i get muscle if i am a vegetarian

Why do people have a problem with “trying to persuade others to be vegetarian”, does the cow eat grass prevent it from gaining muscle? This question is a bit long, and with a little analysis, it can be discussed from three levels:Can i get muscle if i am a vegetarian

(1) Why do people who “try to persuade others to be vegetarians” are annoying?

(2) Is vegetarianism good for health?

(3) Does vegetarianism affect muscle growth?

Below, we discuss them one by one.

Can i get muscle if i am a vegetarian
Can i get muscle if i am a vegetarian

It’s no wonder that vegetarians impose their will on others.
In the modern society that advocates freedom and individual consciousness, a basic principle of interpersonal communication is to respect the choices and opinions of others. As long as it does not violate the law and does not impede social morality, everyone has the right to live according to the lifestyle they like. Therefore, when vegetarians try their best to persuade others to be vegetarians, if they do not grasp the proportions and methods, it is easy to get bored. In fact, this has nothing to do with “whether or not to persuade others to be vegetarians”, but to over-promote the things you like and try to impose them on others, undermining the basic principles of modern interpersonal communication.

Not to mention that ordinary people persuade others to be vegetarians, even among family members, the excessive interference of parents with adult children in their lives is likely to affect the relationship between family members.

Therefore, vegetarians themselves love to be vegetarians, there is no problem at all, and for whatever reason, there is no problem in exhorting others to be vegetarians. The problem is that when vegetarians persuade and publicize to others, it is the key to adopt methods and methods acceptable to the other party, to grasp the proportions, and to know where to go. Blindly unilaterally repeating nagging is likely to backfire. Maybe the other party blocked his breath and said in front of him: Yes, I’m not a vegetarian, I just like to eat meat, what can you do?

Is vegetarianism good for health?

If the ways and means of the persuaders are all right, then it’s time to move on to a more vexing question: Is vegetarianism good for health? The answer has always been that the public is right, and the mother is right.

Observed from real life, both sides can easily find a variety of empirical examples for themselves. Some of the long-lived people never give up eating meat, and some are strictly vegetarian. The answer is different.

A variety of related studies conducted by various research institutions have reached inconsistent conclusions. For example, as early as 1995, a comprehensive survey report published by the British Vegetarian Society held that vegetarianism is more beneficial to health, because vegetarians have a 20% lower mortality rate than meat-eaters, and the incidence of various diseases is also greatly reduced.

But a few years ago, the Journal of The American College of Cardiology published a study from the Harvard School of Public Health. The research period of this report is as long as 28 years, and more than 200,000 people have been studied and surveyed. It concluded that carb-loving vegetarians had a 32% higher risk of developing heart disease than non-vegetarians.

Therefore, on a topic that has no accepted conclusion, “Is vegetarianism good for health?” Based on one’s own position, repeatedly persuading others, expecting others to be vegetarian like me, will definitely irritate people. What’s more, in today’s China, most people are not vegetarians! In addition, there are some religious people who associate vegetarian food with faith, and the result is predictable, because most Chinese people are non-religious people at present. To persuade others to be vegetarian with religious ideas, it is better to directly find enough examples and reasons to influence them. Conceptual acceptance can be transformed into action recognition, otherwise it will be futile to blindly persuade others to be vegetarians.

Is vegetarianism good for health?
Is vegetarianism good for health?

Does being a vegetarian affect muscle growth?

For bodybuilders who like strength training, vegetarianism also involves a question of “whether it is conducive to muscle growth”. has encountered strict vegetarian bodybuilders, and has also developed beautiful muscles with considerable circumference. Judging from actual cases, the view that “vegetarianism does not build muscle” is not valid. But more strength trainers like to get a lot of protein from animal foods such as beef, milk, eggs, chicken breast, fish and shrimp to help themselves build muscle more efficiently.

Does being a vegetarian affect muscle growth?
Does being a vegetarian affect muscle growth?

However, the behavioral preference of most people who lift irons “loves to eat animal protein” does not mean that “vegetarianism affects muscle growth”. In 2017, a study by the University of Massachusetts found that eating a vegetarian diet and eating meat are the same for protein intake and maintaining muscle strength. Although it is generally recognized that protein is beneficial to muscle growth, there is no conclusion whether it is necessary to eat animal protein, or that the source of protein must come from a specific food.

So some people will give an example: cows eat grass and are vegetarian animals, why are they all “muscles”? It should be noted that cows are cows, cows are not people. Species vary greatly, and what happens in animals does not necessarily happen in humans. Therefore, cows only eat grass and have good muscle mass. It is not possible to directly draw the conclusion that “people who are vegetarian can also grow considerable muscles”. The growth of human muscles, in addition to nutrition, is also affected by many factors such as gender, age, training level, exercise type, and effort level. It is not appropriate to use the analogy of “cow eating grass to grow muscle”.

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