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Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant

Since the fetus lives in the mother’s womb, the pregnant mother wants to know every move of the fetus. Unfortunately, the pregnant mother can’t see it with the naked eye, and can only judge by her own feelings.Pregnant mother sleeps baby in belly Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant

Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant?
Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant?

But pregnant mothers get tired too! You also need to sleep, so when the pregnant mother sleeps, will the fetus also sleep with it?
In fact, the fetus is sleeping most of the time, regardless of whether the mother sleeps, as long as the fetus needs to sleep, Ta does not care whether the mother sleeps or not.

The smaller the fetus, the less regular it is. When the fetus grows up slowly, the fetus becomes more and more regular. When to get up and move, when to sleep, it gradually forms its own biological clock. Therefore, the fetus has its own biological clock and will not follow the mother’s biological clock to live.
The sleep cycle of the fetus is generally 40 minutes. When the fetus wakes up, he will do something he wants to do. So what does the fetus usually do when he wakes up?

1. Interact with mom

The most common and effective way for the baby to interact with the mother is fetal movement. If the fetus is unhappy or very happy, the fetus will tell the mother in the form of fetal movement. The fetal movement at this time may be more severe, and pregnant mothers should distinguish them well and judge according to their own emotions.
If it is usually in the morning or evening, the fetus also likes to interact with the mother. At this time, the mother can gently touch the fetus, or chat with the baby gently to respond to the fetus’s demands. If the fetus sees the mother’s response, it will also be a little more active.

Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant?
Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant?

2. Practice breathing

The fetus will sometimes practice breathing quietly by himself, swallowing amniotic fluid, or burping, mainly to prepare for future birth, so that the baby can breathe skillfully at birth.

3. Play with the belly button

The fetus is actually very busy, and he will not be bored in the stomach, because the fetus also has toys, and his toy is his belly button. After a good night’s sleep, the spirit and physical strength are relatively sufficient, or the mother is full. After a meal, the fetus also got what he wanted, so he would be happier at this time, so he picked up his toys to play with.

4. Urination

When the fetus is in the womb, it will already pee. Of course, the pee will still be in the placenta, so part of the amniotic fluid is actually the pee of the fetus. After it is discharged, it is swallowed back into the stomach, and so on.
But you don’t need to feel dirty, because the body of the fetus does not have the “dirty things” we imagined, and it is very clean.
When the baby is tired from playing, it will enter the next round of sleep cycle. Every day, it will continue to swallow amniotic fluid in the mother’s belly, play with the navel, interact with the mother, and grow rapidly.

Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant?
Can I sleep on my belly while pregnant?

The fetus has its own biological clock and will arrange its own time to do various things, so the pregnant mother may be sleeping when she sleeps, but it may also be awake, but the mother is asleep, I don’t know. Of course, these will not affect the normal development of the fetus, so pregnant mothers do not need to worry, just keep happy every day.

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