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Can reheating of rice cause cancer

The doctor advises: these 4 kinds of food, it is best not to reheat

People take food as their heaven. For the people, whole grains are important foods that can fill their stomachs and satisfy their food and clothing needs. There are obvious differences in the way of eating in the north and the south. The northerners like to eat steamed buns, noodles and other pasta, while the southerners prefer to eat them. Rice, if you like to eat rice, this article may be worth a look today.Can reheating of rice cause cancer

Rice is a common staple food in life. Eating rice can enhance satiety and provide nutrition to the body. When steaming rice in the family, it is difficult to control the amount and cook too much, and there will be excess. Uphold the principle of diligence and thrift. Virtuous people put the remaining rice in a crisper box or cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for freshness storage, and eat it after the next hot meal. Recently, there has been a saying on the Internet that “reheating rice and continuing to eat it will cause cancer”. , Is there any scientific basis for this claim?

 Can reheating of rice cause cancer
Can reheating of rice cause cancer

1. Will the secondary heating of rice cause “cancer”?

When we steam the rice, it is easy to have insufficient food or leftovers. The remaining rice is kept for the second meal or made into egg fried rice to continue eating. Some people say that the rice will cause cancer after reheating. , is this true?

Whether there is a risk of cancer after reheating the rice is mainly due to the fact that the rice is stored in the refrigerator for a long time. If the reheating is not thoroughly heated, a large amount of bacteria will remain, and people will naturally improve their skin after eating. One thinks that eating rice overnight will cause cancer, mainly because a large amount of nitrite will be produced in the rice. Eating such food for a long time will increase the risk of cancer.

Of course, not all foods produce nitrite, which is generally not found in meaty foods. Therefore, if you want to eat reheated rice healthily, it must be thoroughly heated during the heating process, and in the process of storage. Cover with plastic wrap to avoid prolonged contact with air.

 Can reheating of rice cause cancer
Can reheating of rice cause cancer

2. The doctor advises: these 4 kinds of food, it is best not to reheat


Potatoes are a common food reserve and a very common vegetable in life. They are suitable for all ages. Both the elderly and children like to eat them very much. Shredded potatoes and potato cubes are very delicious, but potatoes are easy to breed bacteria after being stored for a long time after cooking. Secondary heating can easily produce botulinum toxin, which is harmful to the human body. This bacteria cannot be completely eliminated at high temperatures and has a high survival rate, so potatoes are not suitable for continued eating after secondary heating.

these 4 kinds of food it is best not to reheat
these 4 kinds of food it is best not to reheat


Spinach is very rich in iron, especially for people with iron-deficiency anemia, spinach can be eaten often in life. Continuing to eat after reheating in the refrigerator can easily be converted into nitrite. These substances are harmful to the human body, so eating for a long time will threaten your health. It is recommended that you do not continue to eat after reheating.


The elderly and children have developed the habit of eating a boiled egg every morning. Every household will store some eggs. Although eggs are rich in nutrients, they are also a kind of food that is easy to breed bacteria. Some people like to eat half-boiled eggs or candy hearts. Eggs, fried eggs.

The protein structure in the egg after repeated heating changes, and the egg yolk of half-cooked eggs is easy to breed bacteria and viruses. Frequently eating such eggs can easily cause the body to be infected by bacteria and viruses, which is not conducive to maintaining health. Therefore, eggs are also not suitable for secondary heating. Then continue to eat.

benefits of eating eggs
benefits of eating eggs


Celery is a healthy vegetable that can help lower blood pressure. It is also a green leafy vegetable that people often eat in life. It has high nutritional value. It should be noted that celery cannot be eaten after reheating, and it should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. This is because celery contains a lot of nitrite. After celery is placed for a long time, the nitrite content will also increase. After entering the human body, it will be converted into nitro samines, which are carcinogens recognized by the World Health Organization. Too much will increase the risk of cancer in the body. In order to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body, try not to eat celery after reheating in life.

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