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Exercise because you like it you can stick to it

Eagerly looking forward to the arrival of spring, the weather is warm, you can go outside for a run.Exercise because you like it you can stick to it

Every night, unstoppable movement. Four times a week of high-intensity interval exercise, usually 30 minutes of tabata, 20 minutes of abdominal muscle training, and 6 minutes of stretching; two resistance exercises, a pair of dumbbells, and a yoga mat.

I like a lot of sports, such as cycling, running, roller skating, skateboarding, and unicycle in summer, skiing, skating, indoor fitness, and ironing in winter.

Exercise is already an integral part of my life, just like eating and sleeping.

what is the benefits of doing exercise
what is the benefits of doing exercise

We often envy and praise those who insist on exercising: “It’s really perseverance!”

Indeed, exercising is a very boring thing, and it is indeed not easy to keep exercising all year round.

Persistence is important, but the most important thing is to like, because you like to persevere; what you don’t like can’t last long.

No matter what purpose you start exercising with, at the beginning, you will feel a little excited, punch in every day, or even exercise excessively, feeling that you can become a god and an athlete right away.

In fact, the sudden overload of exercise sends a painful signal to your body. You have not experienced the pleasure brought by exercise, and you lose interest first, and the result is that you interrupt the exercise and cannot continue to persevere.

Movement is a gradual process. In the early stage, a small amount of exercise will give the body a process of adaptation. When your cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness improve to a certain level, you can naturally increase the exercise intensity.

When you find that your mental state is getting better and better, you are no longer listless and yawning during work hours; your appetite increases, but you no longer gain weight; fat is gone, replaced by tight muscles; not exercising every day, it seems like something is missing When you have become a person who loves sports.

what is the benefits of doing exercise
what is the benefits of doing exercise

First, exercise allows us to have a healthy body and a strong physique; second, when exercising, two substances, endorphins and dopamine, are produced, which make people feel happy and satisfied; third, exercise can cultivate a person’s character In the face of difficulties, we have the courage to not admit defeat; finally, sports make us unknowingly become a self-disciplined person and have a high-quality life.

Start from now on, find a relatively simple exercise, cultivate your interest first, stick to it, and slowly you will fall in love with sports.

As a girl, my goal of exercising is to be thin, beautiful and healthy.

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