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Face whitening tips at home naturally

In fact, as an Asian, there are very few people with particularly white skin, and everyone is more or less yellow, which is also a normal phenomenon, but there are indeed some women whose skin is darker than the average person, which may be natural. It may also be that I didn’t pay attention to skin care and sun protection the day after tomorrow, so the skin is darker and yellower. Face whitening tips at home naturally

What will you do every day for whitening

This type of skin is also collectively referred to as yellow-black skin, and yellow-black skin should hope that I can be a little whiter than yesterday.
If you want to turn white with yellow and black skin, the most important thing is to stick to sunscreen, and sunscreen should be done all year round. Many people take sunscreen seriously in summer, but feel that they don’t need to do sunscreen work in spring, autumn and winter. Wrong.

Because sunscreen not only prevents direct sunlight, but ultraviolet rays are the most harmful to the skin, and ultraviolet rays are not only available in summer.
Of course, in addition to insisting on sun protection, there are 3 things to do well, whitening is really not difficult!

1. Insist on exfoliating

 Face whitening tips at home naturally
Face whitening tips at home naturally

2.Stick to whitening foods

In addition to external use, internal use is also very important. After all, the dark and yellow skin is inseparable from your own physical condition, so insisting on eating whitening foods is really effective, such as lemon and loofah, these are very good Women can usually throw a slice of lemon into their cup during the day. Anyway, they need to drink water.

skin whitening food
skin whitening food

Lemonade is still sweet and sour, and it can whiten after drinking, so why not do it? You can usually just fry the loofah by yourself. Eating it can not only lose weight, but also whiten it. Plus you insist on applying sunscreen every day, whitening is really not difficult!

3. Use effective whitening products

In the end, we can’t do without efficacy. Maybe your skin is naturally darker, so the effect of exfoliating, eating and eating is still not obvious. In this case, where people feel uncomfortable, they should prescribe the right medicine, whitening It’s time to use the product, but everyone should use those that are really effective, buy those professional whitening essences and creams,

Use effective whitening products
Use effective whitening products

and use them on the basis of the correct method, after all, whitening is a protracted battle, you apply it for two days It’s just a pick, so who can you blame for your white skin? So in addition to applying sunscreen, you should insist on using some effective whitening products every day, so that the spring of yellow and black skin will always come~

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