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Five kinds of fruits women eat less

it is recommended that women eat less

Maybe many people’s effect on the uterus only stays in menstruation. They think that if the uterus is well maintained, the menstrual regularity will be stable. In fact, there are many functions of the uterus.Five kinds of fruits women eat less

it is recommended that women eat less
it is recommended that women eat less

First of all, the uterus is the “front station” for the implantation of fertilized eggs. Whether the uterus is healthy or not determines the success of pregnancy to a certain extent. Second, the uterus is also an important organ that assists women in secreting estrogen and the operation of the hematopoietic system.

If a woman’s uterus is healthy, her complexion will be more rosy and full of energy, so the uterus is very important to women, so you should pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus. If there is a problem with the uterus, what are the symptoms?

The uterus is not good, what are the manifestations?

Acne for a long time or even develop into acne

If a woman has passed puberty without suddenly eating spicy food or a few days before and after her menstrual period, but frequently continues to have acne, and even forms purple and black acne marks that cannot be eliminated, and acne grows on the skin, it means that the endocrine system is seriously disturbed. There is a problem with the uterus.

Irregular menstrual cycle, dark color of menstrual blood with blood clots, irregular menstrual flow

The uterus is not good, what are the manifestations?
The uterus is not good, what are the manifestations?

Nowadays, the pressure of life is relatively high, and it is normal for women to occasionally have menstrual disorders, but if they are frequent and irregular menstruation, it means that there is a disease in the uterus.

During menstruation, if a woman’s menstrual blood is dark in color, there are many blood clots, and it is accompanied by dysmenorrhea, this is a sign of an unhealthy uterus, and too little or too much menstrual blood is also an unhealthy symptom.

Painful urination, smelly urine

Whether it is a man or a woman, the phenomenon of painful urination and smelly urine indicates that there is a serious problem with the related organs of the body, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

Five kinds of fruits, it is recommended that women eat less


Persimmons are deeply loved by people. If they are made into persimmons, they are a different kind of delicacy, but women try not to eat persimmons during menstruation. Eating too much can cause uterine contractions, reduced menstrual flow, and unclean menstrual blood flow, which can easily lead to gynecological diseases.

Five kinds of fruits, it is recommended that women eat less
Five kinds of fruits, it is recommended that women eat less

Moreover, persimmons are cool fruits. Women who eat persimmons during menstruation will make menstruation protracted and even cause amenorrhea in advance, which is not conducive to physical health.


Watermelon juice is rich and sweet, which can satisfy people’s appetite. It is very refreshing to eat watermelon in summer, but women should not eat watermelon during menstruation, especially iced watermelon.

Eating watermelon regularly can cause stasis or dysmenorrhea in the body. Watermelon is an unwelcome fruit for the uterus. Women should try to eat less watermelon if they want a healthy uterus.


Dragon fruit is divided into red heart and white heart. No matter which one is very delicious, it is the season when dragon fruit is on the market in large quantities, and it is loved by many people who lose weight.

side effect of eating pitaya fruit
side effect of eating pitaya fruit

Dragon fruit is rich in cellulose, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation, but dragon fruit is a cold fruit. Women who eat too much dragon fruit will aggravate the problem of body cold. During menstruation, women should eat more warm and nourishing fruits, and try to eat less or not eat dragon fruit, otherwise it will not be conducive to the health of the uterus.


Hawthorn is an acidic fruit, which has the effect of appetizing, strengthening the spleen, and enhancing appetite. However, women should eat less or not eat hawthorn during menstruation, because hawthorn has astringent effect. Eating too much hawthorn will cause menstrual blood to clot and increase. Menstrual cramps.

side effect of eating hawthorn
side effect of eating hawthorn

Hawthorn is one of the unwelcome fruits in the uterus, so try to avoid it when you have a period, except for hawthorn, plums, kiwi fruit and other fruits.

Water chestnut

Water chestnuts also have a variety of nutrients, which can be used as fruits and vegetables. Due to the growth environment, bacteria and parasites may exist on the epidermis of water chestnuts.

Water chestnuts are also cold ingredients. Women should try to eat less during menstruation, otherwise it will cause symptoms of palace cold, aggravate the problem of dysmenorrhea, and even affect the normal discharge of menstrual blood.

Eat four things often to help warm the palace

Red beans

Women often eat red beans to promote blood circulation, speed up blood circulation, and help remove moisture and cold in women’s bodies, including the cold in the uterus.

Red beans are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber. Women often eat red beans to enhance the body’s immunity, improve constipation, eliminate body edema, and help warm the palace.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids. Women often eat passion fruit to promote gastrointestinal digestion, improve digestion, and increase appetite. In addition, it can also beautify the skin, brighten the skin, and warm the palace.

Black dates

Black dates are rich in various nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium, iron, etc., which can delay aging, enhance body vitality, and beautify the face. Women often eat black dates, which can help nourish qi and blood, and also help to warm the palace.


Longan is rich in nutrients such as iron and magnesium. Women often eat longan can promote the metabolism of red blood cells, warm the meridians and dispel cold, nourish qi and nourish blood, and warm the palace and detoxify. Women who eat longan properly during menstruation can also promote the discharge of blood stasis.


NOTE: If you have more problem then contact to your doctor,i am only provide a knowledge.Kindly consult to your doctor for your problems.

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