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Four tips to maintain health in spring

Spring is a season of health preservation, not only to prevent various diseases, but also to nourish the five internal organs, so do you know how to maintain health in spring? In fact, spring health care focuses on yang, liver and detoxification, etc. The following is simple Let’s introduce a few tips for health preservation. If you are interested, you can come and have a look.Four tips to maintain health in spring

First: exercise

benefits of doing exercise
benefits of doing exercise

In fact, you should insist on exercising in the spring. You must know that many people do not exercise much, especially in the cold winter. Insufficient exercise can easily lead to a decline in physical fitness and a large accumulation of toxins. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen exercise in the spring, it can help perspiration, and it can also increase immunity. So it is recommended to run more.

Second: drink water

benefits of drinking water
benefits of drinking water

If you want to stay healthy in spring, you should pay more attention to hydration. In fact, many people know the importance of drinking water. When you insist on drinking water every day, it can strengthen the circulation of the body, help improve the function of the body, improve the early warning ability and energy consumption, and normal adults need to drink 2000ml of water every day.

Third: Go to bed early and wake up early

We all know that sleep is different in each season, winter is about going to bed early and getting up late, while spring is about going to bed late and getting up early. Going to bed late means going to bed after 9pm. Getting up early refers to getting up when the sun just rises, which is good for the growth of qi. Going to bed later is not the better. It is best to go to bed before 11 pm, otherwise the eyes will be red and the anger will rise easily the next day.

Fourth: pay attention to sunscreen

benefits of applying sunscreen
benefits of applying sunscreen

Most people only remember the existence of ultraviolet rays in summer. In fact, in spring, ultraviolet rays have already begun to damage the skin. Especially during the period from 11:00 noon to 3:00 pm, the intensity of UV rays is much higher than you might expect. Ultraviolet rays can easily promote the formation of freckles and the deposition of melanin, so sun protection in spring is also very important.

Friends who want to maintain health in spring can try the above health tips. These are common and practical, and it is recommended that friends try them.

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