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Frequent shampooing will cause hair loss?

For contemporary young people, hair loss is the biggest crisis,Frequent shampooing will cause hair loss?
According to the Hair Loss Population Survey”, there are currently 200 million people with hair loss in my country, including 130 million men and 70 million women.

Some medical institutions have launched the “2019 Health Freedom Scale”, in which “freedom of hair transplantation” is ranked at the highest level, and many people have said—

Frequent shampooing will cause hair loss?
Frequent shampooing will cause hair loss?

“Like football superstar Rooney and basketball star James, hair transplant is the only way to save hair loss.”

Hair loss, hair loss, is it because of shampooing and “starting a sea of gulls and herons”?

Many people mistakenly believe that frequent shampooing can damage the hair and cause hair loss.

But in fact, shampooing itself does not cause more hair loss, it just removes the hair that has already “fallen out” from the scalp.

For different groups of people, the frequency of shampooing is different, but regardless of whether the frequency of shampooing is high or low, the problem of hair fall is still inevitable.

Frequent shampooing will cause hair loss?
Frequent shampooing will cause hair loss?

Hair is like the leaves on a tree, they have their own life cycle, and they will fall off when their lifespan is over. It is a normal physiological phenomenon in itself, new hair will grow continuously, and the limited problems that I worry about will not appear.

Therefore, if you have serious hair loss, you may lose it even if you don’t wash your hair…

If you grab a bunch of hair, will you bald?

But if it is no matter when you wash your hair, there will be a lot of hair loss, you need to be vigilant.

Think about whether you don’t get enough sleep, and whether you lack nutrition in your diet. Only when the body’s nutrient supply cannot meet your body’s needs, your hair will fall out frequently due to lack of nutrition.

Especially for women, when the pressure increases, the hair will fall more and more. If you go on a diet and lose weight at this time, it may aggravate the increase in the amount of hair loss.

In addition to nutritional deficiencies and excessive stress, if you are often in a state of insomnia, it will also cause a lot of hair loss.

For the problem of hair loss caused by these reasons, we have to pay attention to it. Although the loss of hair will not cause too much problems, if the hair follicles also become atrophied, new hair cannot grow, then the baldness crisis will be Really coming.

You must learn to maintain your own hair in peacetime, otherwise facing baldness at a young age will really affect your own image.

How to effectively prevent hair loss?

1. Choose a nutritious shampoo

The reason why some people have frequent hair loss problems is mainly due to the choice of inappropriate shampoo, which causes the scalp to be stimulated, and the slow shrinkage of hair follicles can lead to serious hair loss problems.

How to effectively prevent hair loss?
How to effectively prevent hair loss?

To keep your hair as long as possible, be sure to choose a mild, non-irritating shampoo that will strengthen your hair.

2. Smooth your hair before shampooing

In the process of shampooing, the first step is to wet the hair first. At this time, don’t rush to apply shampoo on it.

First, take a comb to straighten the hair. If the hair is dry, it is more difficult to straighten out, but the wet hair is easier to straighten out, and it can have a certain massage effect on the scalp.

In addition, in the process of shampooing, you also need to gently massage the scalp with the pulp of your fingers, never scratch the scalp with your fingernails, this can effectively avoid damage to the hair follicles, and it is also harmful to our hair. better protection.

2. Smooth your hair before shampooing
2. Smooth your hair before shampooing

To sum up, hair loss under normal circumstances is a natural reaction of metabolism. If the amount of hair loss is not large, there is no need to panic.

After the hair falls out, you can take a look at the color at the root of the hair. If it is white, it means that your hair follicles are very healthy, and if it is black, you need to be alert to hair follicle lesions.

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