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How are fat granules formed how did you all remove it?

Why don’t other people have fat granules, but the fat granules on my face are endless? Please stop throwing the pan with fat granules at will, so what exactly are fat granules? What caused it? Come check it out!How are fat granules formed how did you all remove it?

How are fat granules formed how did you all remove it?
How are fat granules formed how did you all remove it?

First, what are fat granules?
Fat granules (that is, chestnut papules in medical terms), generally beige granules, smooth surface, rounded top, covered with very thin epidermis, usually occur on the face, especially around the eyelids where the skin is relatively thin

Second, the reasons for the formation of fat granules?

  1. Trauma caused by bad makeup habits
    Excessive use of scrubs or exfoliating products, combined with improper techniques, can easily cause tiny wounds on the skin, resulting in small white cysts during the skin’s self-healing process.
  2. Disorders of fat metabolism
    The appearance of oil particles on the face is probably due to the recent imbalance of the body’s endocrine system, resulting in excessive secretion of facial oil, and at the same time the skin is not thoroughly cleaned, resulting in clogged pores, and a small oil particle will appear when the skin cannot be evenly distributed. , will lead to excess phenomenon, resulting in the generation of small particles around the eyes
  3. Inappropriate skin care products
    In order to avoid premature appearance of wrinkles, many women blindly believe that oily eye creams can make the skin soft and smooth, but they do not know that oily eye creams are difficult to be absorbed by the skin, and excess oil accumulates around the eyes and blocks pores, resulting in small particles. appearance.
  4. Frequent makeup and lack of cleansing
    Some women like to wear thick eye makeup, but they do not remove it completely when removing makeup, which can easily lead to clogged pores and induce the production of small particles around the eyes. Three, how to get rid of fat particles
  5. Physiological regulation
    Doing some physical exercises at ordinary times can promote the blood circulation of the body and accelerate the metabolism of the skin, which can make the skin more moist and smooth.
  6. Vitamin E dissolves
    Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, it improves blood circulation in the skin around the eyes and allows fat granules to gradually disappear
  7. Drink Lemonade
    Lemon has a bactericidal effect, helps reduce blood lipids, expel toxins and excess oil from the body, and help the metabolism and shedding of fat particles
  8. Needle pick fat granules
    Beauty needles can quickly remove fat granules, but it is best to ask a professional to remove fat granules. It is not recommended to use acupuncture to pick fat granules by yourself. Not to mention it may cause infection
  9. Use a refreshing eye cream
    Eye fat granules are mostly caused by small wounds. Dry skin is prone to wounds. A refreshing eye cream can reduce the nutritional burden on the eyes and avoid the continued production of fat granules. In fact, the care of fat granules is not complicated, it can be said that it is quite simple, sisters don’t have to worry if they grow. As long as you pay attention, it will not be easy to grow. I hope everyone can say goodbye to skin troubles!

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