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How can eggs be used for skin care?

Many women know the role of egg skin care and beauty, but do not know how to use it. Today, we will talk about the role of eggs in skin care and the things to pay attention to. Before, I never suggested that you Dry skin care products, because considering the problem of bacterial contamination, after all, the processing of skin care products manufacturers has an impact on the environment, temperature, humidity, etc. There are strict requirements.How can eggs be used for skin care?

How can eggs be used for skin care?
How can eggs be used for skin care?

Let’s talk about some of the daily skin care methods we use eggs:

1. How to make a mask with eggs:

A. Honey egg yolk mask

Add honey and flour with egg yolk to make a thick paste, and evenly apply it to the face, it can not only cure acne, but also prevent dry skin in autumn and winter. If you have oily skin, you should add a spoonful of lemon juice, mix well, apply to your face with a cotton swab, and wash off with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.

2. Egg white pearl powder mask

Mix egg whites and appropriate amount of pearl powder and mix well. Use the mask brush to spread evenly on the face, wait 15-20 minutes to wash off.

3. Egg yolk mask

Mix egg whites with milk, or mix thoroughly with egg yolks, and apply on the face for 15 minutes. It is especially effective for the maintenance of neutral skin. Just stick to it for three months and your face will look brand new.

4. Eggshell soft mask method

The soft film in the eggshell can be attached to the folds of the face, cheeks, chin, etc., wait for it to dry, then remove it, use a soft sponge to wipe the dead skin on oily skin; dry skin, first use moisturizing Toner and rub, and then rinse.

5. Apply honey protein film to the face

Start by mixing a fresh egg with a tablespoon of honey. Before going to bed, apply to the face with a clean soft brush. Massage can stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation. Rinse with water after drying, twice a week.

How can eggs be used for skin care?
How can eggs be used for skin care?

Two, egg massage skin care method

Wash your face with lukewarm water, dry it, then peel the hard-boiled egg and massage it on your face with the warm egg. Start from the forehead, roll along the direction of the muscles, and roll all the way to the edge of the hair. The eyes and mouth are circular muscles, so circular movements are required; the nose is rolled and massaged from the base of the nose to the top, and the cheeks are from the inside to the outside. Roll diagonally upwards until the eggs are cool. Finally, after massaging, apply a towel soaked in cold water on your face to shrink the pores on your face. Apply a hot egg and a cold towel to your face to make your skin elastic and radiant. Eggs are soft and elastic, and are a good material for massaging the skin.

  1. Other uses of eggs: Lemon, Eggnog Mask Squeeze lemon juice, add an egg, 1/4 cup of skimmed milk powder, and a spoonful of wine, stir well. Apply, about 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water. Keeps skin clean and hydrated, suitable for any skin type. Because it contains alcohol, the skin will be a little dry after use, so apply skin care products to moisturize the skin. Vinegar and egg liquid Take a fresh egg, wash it and dry it, add it in 500ml of high-quality vinegar and soak it for a month. After the eggshell is dissolved in the vinegar solution, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a glass of boiling water, stir and take it, one glass a day. Long-term use of vinegar and egg liquid can make the skin smooth and delicate, and remove all dark spots on the face.

In fact, there are many methods, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Let’s talk about the things that you should pay attention to in egg beauty.

  1. Some women may often use egg whites on their faces, and they usually apply them for 3 to 5 minutes. In fact, it does not take too long to apply egg whites on their faces, because if the time is too long, the egg whites will absorb a lot of moisture on the face.
  2. If you apply an egg white mask in dry weather, the skin will feel tight, so don’t apply it for a long time, just 1 minute. It should be noted that the egg white must be cleaned before it is completely dry, so that it can not only maintain the moisture of the skin, but also achieve the effect of tightening the skin, which is very beneficial to skin maintenance.
  3. For some people with thin or imperfect cuticles, do not use masks such as acetic acid and lemon. The frequency or frequency of use must be mastered, and attention should be paid to sterilization and cleaning before and after use, including follow-up skin care issues. Although I don’t recommend everyone to use egg beauty, but to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, you can try it. Summary: You can try different skin care methods, enough is enough, but for these beauty methods, you must master them clearly to avoid the occurrence of other problems.

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