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How can I make aloe vera gel more effective

The following methods can make aloe vera gel more effective!
We all know that aloe vera gel is a health care skin care product with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, analgesic and swelling, hemostasis and itching, rehabilitation and regeneration, and scar reduction. So how to maximize its value, the editor summarizes the following methods of using aloe vera gel, you little cute choose the one you need.

How can I make aloe vera gel more effective?
How can I make aloe vera gel more effective?

moisturizing cream
When the cream is used, the amount should not be too much, and it needs to be massaged more to allow the skin to fully absorb. If the dosage is too much, the skin will not be able to absorb it completely, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of rubbing mud. Because of aloe vera polysaccharide, aloe vera gel may feel a little sticky when used. In winter, after rubbing aloe vera gel, the moisturizing strength may not be enough, and it will feel a little dry. It can be mixed with other creams. It is very good to use in summer, moisturizing and not greasy, very refreshing, and very comfortable to use.
Facial mask
After cleansing, first apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel as a primer, then apply a paper film soaked in pure dew, remove it after about 20 minutes, the skin will feel that it has absorbed enough moisture and become very supple, and the aloe vera gel It has a very good repairing effect, which can repair damaged skin tissue, accelerate wound healing, make the skin smooth and elastic, and reduce wrinkles.
Aloe vera gel mixed with base cream
Aloe vera gel can be mixed with base cream in a ratio of 2:1, so that it will not rub mud, and it is very moisturizing. It will feel that the base cream is too thick and dry, and aloe vera gel itself also has a certain isolation effect. Mixing the two The isolation effect will be better, it will be easier to apply makeup, and the makeup will be more natural and shiny.

How can I make aloe vera gel more effective?
How can I make aloe vera gel more effective?

Sun repair
Put the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator. When you are sunburned by the sun, spray the soothing spray on the face first to remove redness, and then apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel to lock the soothing spray and the skin’s moisture. It is a must for freshmen who need military training every year.
Repair acne
As we all know, aloe vera gel has the effect of anti-acne and anti-inflammatory. After the acne is mature, use an acne needle to squeeze out the pustules, and then apply aloe vera gel. You can also use a little more. If you want to get rid of acne faster, you can also mix Scarin and aloe vera gel on your face in a ratio of 1:2 for faster recovery.
hair care
Aloe vera gel and vitamin E are mixed and applied to the ends of the hair to reduce split ends, improve frizz, and keep hair shiny.
go shut up
Add freeze-dried powder and crushed vitamin B6 into aloe vera gel, dip it with a cotton pad and apply it on the closed mouth for about five minutes. After washing it off, apply some aloe vera gel to moisturize! Two to three times a week is enough, not every day.

How can I make aloe vera gel more effective?
How can I make aloe vera gel more effective?

Whitening body mask
Aloe vera gel, body lotion and pearl powder are evenly mixed in equal proportions, and then applied on the body, then wrapped in plastic wrap for 15 minutes and then washed off. Although it is very troublesome, it really turns white after a few times.
The effect is very good.
Aloe vera gel is really versatile. I know so many ways to use it. Do you know other methods?

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