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How do you feel about having armpit hair why do some people have clean underarms?

1. So why do some people have very strong underarms, while others are very clean?

A. Genetic factors

The dragon gives birth to the dragon, the phoenix gives birth to the phoenix, and the son of the mouse will make a hole”, which shows that the physical characteristics of children and their parents are similar. Most women have more or less armpit hair, depending on the genes inherited from our parents. How do you feel about having armpit hair Why do some people have clean underarms?

How do you feel about having armpit hair
How do you feel about having armpit hair

If both parents have more body hair, or one parent has more body hair, then the offspring of the child is likely to be a hairy child. Few families are born without armpit hair, but this does not rule out the occurrence of this situation. If both parents have armpit hair, and they have passed puberty but have not grown their armpit hair, they should consider whether it is caused by certain diseases and seek medical examination as soon as possible.

Knowing that the vast majority of strong armpit hair is caused by heredity, there is no need to feel strange, because it is difficult to fundamentally change this phenomenon by itself, and you can only go with the flow.

2. It is related to the level of male hormones in the body

Some people have a sudden increase in armpit hair, or their parents have less armpit hair, but they have a lot of armpit hair. In addition to genetic mutation factors, it may also be caused by the strong secretion of male hormones, which needs to be improved by adjusting living habits.

How do you feel about having armpit hair
How do you feel about having armpit hair

In this fast-paced life, many people have developed bad living habits, which will cause endocrine disorders in the body, resulting in abnormally elevated androgen. Under the circumstance of serious abnormal increase in male hormones, the armpit hair will become black and thick, and even some women will grow mustaches. It’s the black fluff between the lips and the nose.

3. Improper shaving method

Many women like to use a razor to shave armpit hair, lip hair, etc., but shaving body hair in this way for a long time may stimulate the growth of body hair, making body hair thicker and thicker.

Clean your underarm in a proper way
Clean your underarm in a proper way

4. Endocrine disorders

The strong growth of female armpit hair may be caused by endocrine disorders. If you do not develop good living habits or are often in a bad emotional state, it is likely to affect the endocrine system, and endocrine disorders will grow more and more armpit hair. . Regulating hormone levels in the body, stabilizing endocrine, and maintaining a beautiful appearance cannot be ignored, so what should be done?

Try to avoid staying up late, work and rest regularly, and ensure adequate sleep. You can also eat more foods that are conducive to supplementing estrogen and progesterone, such as soybeans and soy products. You should also stick to a light diet and stay away from greasy, spicy and irritating foods.

5. Too much underarm hair, should I shave it or not?

We have a lot of body hair on our bodies. The existence of body hair is not useless. On the contrary, body hair plays a very important role in our health. The same is true for armpit hair, which is equivalent to a natural protective barrier for the human body.

Too much underarm hair, should I shave it or not?
Too much underarm hair, should I shave it or not?

The underarms are very prone to sweating and are prone to friction. The existence of armpit hair can reduce the friction between the skin and the skin and help absorb sweat. If there is no armpit hair, the sweat cannot be dissipated in time, and the underarms may emit Unpleasant odor, breeding bacteria, can also reduce the infestation of external dust and bacteria to a certain extent.

Excessive armpit hair, frequent sweating under the armpit, may emit an unpleasant smell, and may also cause bacterial infection. At this time, you can shave off some armpit hair properly, but don’t shave it all off, let alone pull it out with your hands. , Pulling out directly by hand will damage the hair follicles and affect the growth rate of the armpit hair in the later period. It is recommended that you use scientific means to remove some armpit hair, but also be careful to prevent scratching the skin.

To sum up, some women’s armpit hair grows vigorously and some are very rare. I believe everyone has a better understanding. If the armpit hair is too strong, it can be shaved off properly, but don’t pull it out by hand. What is the best way to remove armpit hair? way? Feel free to share it in the comments section.How do you feel about having armpit hair why do some people have clean underarms?

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