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How much nuts is the best to eat every day

All kinds of nuts, cashews, pistachios, how much is best to eat every day How much nuts is the best to eat every day

When it comes to healthy snacks, nuts are definitely the go-to. A handful of nuts a day can not only bring the enjoyment of taste, but also provide a variety of nutrients needed by the human body, such as unsaturated fatty acids, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and various minerals.

But some people worry that nuts are high in calories and fat, and they are easy to gain weight after eating them. In fact, as long as you master the scientific way of eating nuts, eating nuts will not necessarily make you gain weight!

How much nuts is the best to eat every day
How much nuts is the best to eat every day

To eat healthy nuts, you must master the following three key points:

Control your food intake, don’t be greedy

The fat content of nuts is basically 46% to 76%. Although the content is relatively high, most of them are unsaturated fatty acids. Moderate intake can help you increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, thereby reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. .

But be aware that eating too much can also lead to excess calories, so be sure to limit your nut intake. According to the 2016 edition of the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents”, it is enough to eat 50-70 grams of nuts per person per week, that is, about 10 grams per day on average.

How much is 10 grams? Many nuts have shells, do you have to peel them and eat them on a scale? Don’t worry, the editor has completed the conversion for you:

10 grams of melon seeds – about one hand and two hands
10 grams pistachios – about 20
10g cashew nuts – 7-8
Peanuts 10g – 7~10 grains
10g large walnuts – 2~3
Chestnuts 10g – 4~5
10g almonds or almonds – 8~10
10 grams hazelnuts – about 8
10 grams pine nuts – about 40
10g Macadamia Nuts – 3~4
10 grams pecans – about 3

How much nuts is the best to eat every day
How much nuts is the best to eat every day


1.If you accidentally eat too much, you need to appropriately reduce the intake of other foods, control the total amount, and avoid obesity.

2.If you accidentally eat nuts and get angry, you can use 10 grams of skullcap, 10 grams of mountain branches, and 10 grams of licorice to boil and drink.

2.Choose the original flavor and eat it with a variety of combinations

It is recommended to choose plain, non-fried nuts, preferably without oil, salt or sugar. Nuts with heavier flavor and aroma are often added with a lot of salt, flavor, saccharin, etc. Long-term consumption can easily lead to excessive intake of sodium and sugar, which is not good for health.

In addition, different varieties of nuts contain slightly different nutrients. For example, pine nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts and other dietary fibers are very rich, containing more than 10 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams; fruits and peanuts are relatively high in protein, ranging from 17% to 21%; in terms of vitamin E, walnuts , pine nuts and almonds are in the leading position.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use a variety of nuts alternately in a variety of ways to make your nutritional intake more balanced and comprehensive.

3.Fancy eating, delicious nutrition upgrade

Nuts can not only be eaten directly, but can also be combined with vegetables and meat to make dishes. For example, chestnut roast chicken, almond tofu, and asparagus fried cashews are all classic additions to nuts.

benefits of eating nuts a day
benefits of eating nuts a day

Today, I want to recommend a different nut recipe for you, suitable for going out or eating between meals.

Tip: If you feel that cooking is troublesome, you can also put a handful of nuts in the rice balls when cooking rice or porridge, or sprinkle some chopped nuts when drinking yogurt, which can easily achieve nutritional upgrades, delicious and healthy.

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