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How to get whiten skin naturally at home

It is said that “one white hides a hundred ugliness”. During the May Day holiday, many people cannot help but go out to play. At this time, everyone is dressed very cool, and the white ones are more conspicuous in the crowd. So how can you whiten it?How to get whiten skin naturally at home

What most people don’t know is that whitening also has a golden period! Seize this period and be able to whiten faster!

1.The golden age of whitening

The golden period of whitening is actually night. At night, it will be more effective than whitening during the day.

This is because when we sleep, our body is in a relaxed metabolic state, and so is our skin. At this time, it will repair itself, and the absorption efficiency of skin care products will be better.

That is to say, skin care products containing whitening ingredients are used at this time, which can be better absorbed by the skin than those used during the day.

How to get whiten skin naturally at home
How to get whiten skin naturally at home

Second, how to whiten?

Now that we already know that the whitening effect at night is better, then we can use some skin care products containing whitening ingredients at night, such as niacinamide, 377, vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid, tranexamic acid, etc. It is a good whitening ingredient. Most of its principles are to prevent the production or transfer of melanin.

However, what I want to remind everyone here is that whitening products are functional products, which will cause certain irritation to the skin. If your face is red, sensitive, itchy, etc., it is likely that the skin barrier is damaged. At this time, the skin barrier must be repaired before whitening can be considered.

For normal skin, in addition to whitening with whitening products, you should also pay attention to sun protection at ordinary times to reduce the stimulation of ultraviolet rays. Eat less spicy food, don’t stay up late, and ensure good sleep. If you want to get faster results, you can also do medical beauty solutions, such as Q-switched lasers, picoseconds, photon skin rejuvenation, etc.

How to get whiten skin naturally at home
How to get whiten skin naturally at home

3.How much can be white?

Everyone’s whitening is limited. In fact, the whitest part of the body represents how white you can be at most. You can do it on the inner side of the arm, the pocket of the hand, or the chest and abdomen, which are usually difficult to be exposed to. Compared.

how much can be white
how much can be white

Conclusion: In fact, whitening is already a relatively high-level pursuit in skin care. More importantly, it lies in daily cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection. When these three points are done well, the skin can have a good foundation, and then can pursue whitening, Anti-aging, anti-acne and other functional skin care needs.

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