How to grow chest muscle

Chest is the body part that men who like strength training care about most, and there is no one. Because in terms of visual perception, in addition to the face, the initial visual focus of others when they see you usually sweeps across the chest quickly. Even if a fitness man wears a jacket, as long as the chest muscles are sufficiently developed, it will still give people the visual impression of strong chest muscles and a strong body. The next question is: how to train the chest, is it “just the upper chest”?How to grow chest muscle

Start with Weakness: Start with the upper chest, yes!
Schwarzenegger put forward a training principle in his “Fitness Book”, “Start training from weakness”, and the example he gave in the book is also “training the upper chest”. Because most people have weak upper chest muscles, it’s best to start with exercises like the incline bench press to strengthen your upper chest.

How to grow chest muscle
How to grow chest muscle

In fact, dividing the pectoralis major into upper, middle and lower parts is just a subjective division of bodybuilders. When we use the incline bench press to train the upper chest, it is impossible to train only the upper part of the pectoralis major. In fact, the entire pectoral muscle of the exerciser is exerting force, but the upper part of the pectoralis major is stimulated more. Big. Therefore, starting from the weakness of “upper chest” can effectively drive the training effect of upper chest and middle chest, and it is a good way to develop chest muscles. From this point of view, it is right to start exercising from the upper chest, and it is conducive to the enlargement of the chest muscles, that is, the increase of the circumference. But be careful, I didn’t say “Only the upper chest can train the chest muscles”.

If you are a novice: only practice upper chest, wrong!
The quality of the training effect is also related to the training level and training ability of the exerciser. Assuming that you are a fitness novice, it is not meaningful to strictly distinguish the refined training methods such as upper chest, middle chest and lower chest from the beginning, because the ability of the exerciser is too limited.

Novices often encounter this situation: After practicing a few sets of bench presses, the forearm muscles are already tight and starting to sore, but the chest muscles do not feel at all. In this case, it is superfluous to distinguish between upper, middle and lower breasts. It is better to start training with the weight that suits you, such as the flat bench press or the seated flat press, and start practicing with small and medium weights. The focus is on mastering the movements and developing a sense of strength. As the training level improves, slowly transition to a training program for the upper, middle, and lower chest.

How to develop chest muscle circumference?

For beginners, the most important factor in developing the circumference of the chest muscles is not to adopt refined training methods from the beginning, but to focus on two points: first, get the movements in place, master the essentials of movements, and cultivate strength Sense; second, put in enough training volume.

How to develop chest muscle circumference?
How to develop chest muscle circumference?

The basis of refined training lies in the fact that the exerciser has already standardized the mastery of movements and has a certain physical foundation. In the absence of guarantees on these two points, it is useless for the exerciser to insist on refined training, and the training effect can be imagined.

When you have a certain training foundation, to get your chest muscles to grow, consider the following:

(1) Put in enough exercise, including the weekly training frequency, how many groups and how many times you do each action. If you want to practice obvious training marks, view is to train at least 4 to 6 times a week, of which the chest can focus on training for a period of time and increase the amount of training.

(2) Refinement training can be adopted, especially for upper chest strengthening training, but not limited to upper chest. Whether the pectoral muscles are well trained or not depends on the shape of the entire pectoral muscle, not just the upper chest.

(3) The size of the load determines the size of the chest muscle circumference. As the weight-bearing capacity increases, the body will adapt, the muscle fibers will become thicker, and the circumference of the pectoral muscles will increase accordingly. This theory applies not only to the pectoral muscles, but also to skeletal muscle growth in other parts of the body.

How to develop chest muscle circumference?
How to develop chest muscle circumference?

Last but not least, muscle growth takes time. For the fitness novice Er, the strength growth will be very fast in the initial stage, but the muscle growth will not be fast, this is because the strength growth at this time is mainly due to the improvement of muscle recruitment ability, which means that you can mobilize more The force-generating unit emits force, so the force becomes larger. With the deepening of training, muscle mass content will increase, strength and circumference will continue to increase. But in any case, it is difficult to develop a decent pectoral muscle just by practicing the upper chest!

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