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How to improve the bitter face

We often talk about “suffering looks”, which means that some people don’t show any expressions, but they look like they are depressed. People who don’t know look at them and think they are in a bad mood or have been wronged. There are two types of “suffering people”, one is congenital, the other is acquired, and acquired tend to account for the majority.How to improve the bitter face

how to care our skin
how to care our skin

If we pay attention to the surroundings, we can find that children always have a happy “blessing” face, but old people always have a frowning “suffering face”, which explains the two main reasons for the sad face: sagging and sunken. This can also be divided into aging, bad “face use” habits, long-term depression… And most of the time, these reasons are mixed and appear at the same time.


The most representative of the bitter face is the obvious drooping of the corners of the mouth and the tail of the eyebrows. Although sometimes the downward arc is not large, it is enough to show the bitter face. Taking the corners of the mouth as an example, some people have problems with the lips themselves, and the corners of the mouth are naturally downward; for some people, the lips are pulled downward due to excessive sagging and sagging of the skin.


If it is the former, the degree of sagging lips can be relieved by injecting botulinum toxin into the depressor or platysma muscle. If it is the latter, the sagging skin can be pulled upwards by thread carving to restore the sagging tissue.

In addition, you can try to practice smiling more in front of the mirror, and smile more in situations such as daily communication or taking pictures, which can also alleviate the “suffering”.

2. Sag

As for the depression of the bitter face, it is mainly concentrated in the cases caused by wrinkles or tissue defects. For example, the most common Sichuan-shaped wrinkle, this kind of wrinkle is a deep wrinkle formed by the eyebrows for a long time, which makes others always look frowning. On the one hand, this is due to the natural aging of the human body, the skin is excessively slack, and the subcutaneous tissue is successively lost, resulting in depressions between the eyebrows; on the other hand, it is also due to excessive muscle contraction, which deepens the eyebrows.

how to remove black spot
how to remove black spot

If it is due to facial aging, you can consider filling the folds with substances such as autologous fat, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc., to solve the problem of the depression of the Sichuan-shaped pattern; if it is caused by excessive muscle contraction, you can consider injecting botulinum toxin.

However, for those who seek beauty over 30 years old, the Sichuan-shaped pattern is often the result of the combined effect of facial aging and muscle contraction, which requires combined treatment of the two.

Finally, let’s talk about the eye area. As some people get older, the subcutaneous tissue of the upper eye socket is seriously lost, and the eye socket is sunken, which in turn causes the upper eyelid to droop down, making the whole person look tired and in a bad state. In this state, hyaluronic acid can be properly filled in the sunken area to support the upper eye socket.

In addition to the above objective factors, there is also a bad state from the heart that leads to the bitter face. As the so-called appearance comes from the heart, if the heart is not cheerful and self-confident, the state presented on the face will also lengthen the face unconsciously. , in the long run, it will solidify into a bitter face. Therefore, to improve the bitter face is still better to prevent than cure. Even if the skin problem is solved, the psychological problem should still be established.

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