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How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan

How to lose weight “healthy and effective”? This question is a bit big, and there really is no standard, ready-made, simple answer. For example, if someone asks “how to build a house well and fast”, if you want to answer in detail, it is estimated that you have to write an academic monograph. Let’s be practical, take the principle of “healthy and effective”, and start directly with practical and directly operable methods.How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan

 How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan
How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan

1. How to achieve “effective” weight loss?

In fact, what most people understand by “effective weight loss” is equivalent to “massive and rapid weight loss.” Then, you don’t have to go to great lengths to find the best way to lose weight. It is recognized that the most effective way to lose weight is “diet control + active exercise”. But this is very abstract and cannot be operated. Here is a reference scheme:

(1) Diet. For two months, adopt a low-carb diet. To put it simply, except for foods rich in carbohydrates, there is no need to control other foods. The advantage of this diet and weight loss method is that there is no need to consider the amount of calorie intake, and the dieter does not need to be hungry. At the same time, studies have shown that among many diet weight loss methods, this method has the most prominent weight loss effect (weight loss rate and weight loss speed) in the short term. And the stricter you control your carbohydrate intake, the better your weight loss will be.

 How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan
How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan

(2) Movement. Participate in physical exercise five days a week, one hour at a time, and it is recommended to participate in aerobic exercise classes such as group gymnastics in the gym, such as fat burning exercises and spinning.

If you can insist on doing the above two points,almost guarantee you a “quick weight loss” within two months. Of course, you can also use other diet control methods that are more suitable for you, as well as participate in your favorite sports. In fact, for beginners to exercise and lose weight, as long as they can exercise four to six times a week for one hour of aerobic exercise in the first two to three months, it is normal to lose 5 to 10 kilograms of body weight. And such a speed and magnitude of weight loss can definitely make the loser’s image reborn, which is what we usually call “effective weight loss”.

2. Do you want to do this immediately? Wait a minute, we also have a principle of “health”.

How to achieve “healthy” weight loss?
The so-called “healthy weight loss” means that the premise of effective weight loss is to ensure health, not damage it. Therefore, weight loss methods such as starvation should be eliminated in the first place, because it is likely to lead to insufficient nutritional intake or nutritional imbalance. In addition to not starving to lose weight, what else should you pay attention to?

(1) Do not use aggressive weight loss measures.

Why is it called “radical”? A method that does not consider a gradual transition and does not allow the body to adapt slowly is radical. Take the reference scheme we cited above as an example. If you start this regimen tomorrow, it’s called “aggressive,” because your body will almost certainly not be able to adapt to a quick change like “low-carb, exercise five times a week.”

What would happen if you had to do this? On the one hand, radical changes will inevitably bring about a violent physical response, and the pain of losing weight will follow, including both physical and mental aspects. Therefore, the more aggressive it is, the easier it is for dieters to give up. Radical changes, on the other hand, can take a toll on the body. For example, strict carb-absentation can be risky (though some researchers and practitioners of low-carb diets don’t think so), and sudden bursts of exercise can lead to physical injury.

Therefore, aggressive weight loss measures greatly increase the possibility of weight loss failure. On the contrary, if you can adopt “continuous small weight loss”, it will be a healthier, more effective and faster way to lose weight in the long run. It is recommended that the weekly weight loss should be controlled within 0.5 kg, and the monthly weight loss should not be 5%.

(2) Do not skip certain or certain foods.

The simple way to ensure a balanced diet is to eat a variety of foods. For example, some nutrition books recommend that people eat at least 25 types of food every day, which is why mothers always tell their children not to be partial eclipses. So a diet that doesn’t eat a certain type of food or type of food is definitely not a good or healthy diet.

For example, the low-carb diet mentioned earlier is not a high-quality and healthy diet because it requires dieters to avoid carbs. So why would I still include this method in the reference scheme? Because it can indeed achieve rapid weight loss in the short term, the goal of “quick weight loss” can be achieved. Better yet, adopting a low-calorie, carb-cycling, Mediterranean diet that doesn’t block certain foods can ensure a diverse source of nutrients.

 How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan
How to lose weight healthily and effectively give you a reference plan

(3) Do not use only one dietary method or a set of exercise programs for a long time.

why? As the body adjusts to the effects of a long-term diet or exercise regimen, weight loss stagnates. Many people will find that weight loss works well at first, then slowly and eventually doesn’t work, precisely because the loser doesn’t make changes.

In the case of the same exercise program, if the diet is not effectively controlled, the high body fat rate will still exist, although you may not look fat.

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