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How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright

have studied Buddhism in order to cultivate my mind, and I have read many religious books. During this process, although I was not able to cultivate like those eminent monks, my mind is like still water, and I am not moved by external things. Big catch.How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright

Many people say that the Buddha saves sentient beings and helps them stay away from suffering, but few people know that what the Buddha delivered is actually everyone’s perception. What does that mean?

How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright
How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright

That is to say, in Buddhism or other religions, they help people not by giving them any material help, helping them create wealth, etc., but by changing the believers’ cognition of things and changing their perspective on things, so as to help people in originally boring things. Discover the fun on the Internet, and discover the meaning of life in the otherwise boring life.

Let me give a simple example. For example, we often find that some people go to religion to pray for blessings because of family disharmony.

Don’t feel irritable, even you have to be lucky, you have to know that everything is karma, and now you are troubled, but to pay for the faults of the previous life. After paying off, your life will become better, and you have to be grateful for what happened now. matter.

As a result, the person felt very happy and positive after hearing it, so really, a series of positive things started to happen slowly.

See, what did the pastor do? No, it simply changed the other party’s cognition, and interprets what has happened from a positive direction, so why interpret it from the front, and what is the effect of interpreting it from the front? Let’s look at another story.

How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright
How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright

This story was told by a boss I went to a sharing conference last year. The boss’s family was not very good. In 1996, he borrowed money to go to Singapore to work. .

He said that not long after he came back, he met his current wife and decided to get married, but he didn’t have that much money at the time. He had a younger brother, and he told his younger brother that he would help his younger brother pay a down payment and buy a suite in partnership. , he renovated, and then let him live for three years, three years later the house was returned to his brother.

His younger brother agreed. Who knew that the second year he moved in, his younger brother was going to get married, so he wanted to go back to the house. At that time, he was in a dilemma, or it was terrible. If he insisted on entanglement with his younger brother, Then the relationship will definitely be frozen, and there will be a lot of trouble. If you move out, there will be no place to live, and the wife will make trouble.

How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright
How to motivate yourself and makes your future bright

He thought about it for a long time, and finally persuaded his wife to move out. He said that at that time he thought: If I move out now, then my brother will definitely be very grateful to me, our relationship will be better, and something will definitely help in the future. Me; in addition, when I move out, I have to take out a loan to buy a house, which can make me more motivated and live a better life in the future.

Sure enough, after he moved out, he took out a loan to buy a house. Because of the loan, he started his career very seriously, and now he has become one of the best brands in the industry in Jinhua. His younger brother helped him a lot in the process, and The house price was only 3000/sq.m at the beginning, but now it has risen to 10,000/sq.m., and the house he bought at the beginning can be sold now and he can make a net profit of millions.

Of course, he owes everything to “love” for telling this story, but in my opinion, he actually benefits from positive reading thinking.

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