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How to quit smoking and drinking during male aging

In this era of looking at appearance, women have been working hard to maintain their skin and body. Many male friends have also begun to use expensive big-name cosmetics, go to the gym to exercise, and improve themselves in order to have a good appearance and a good figure as soon as possible. The social skills may be smoother at work and on blind to quit smoking and drinking

With the gradual increase of age, the aging speed of the body is accelerated. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of your body, you may look much older than your peers. For women, if you often do some bad behaviors in peacetime, you will not be able to maintain your body. If you don’t take it seriously, it may accelerate the aging of the body. If men want to look younger and more energetic, and age slowly, they must quit bad habits in their diets as soon as possible.

how to quit smoking and drinking during male aging
how to quit smoking and drinking during male aging

1. Male aging “accelerator” announced, smoking and drinking ranked last, most people can’t quit

Male aging “accelerator” sixth: smoking and drinking

Smoking damages the lungs and drinking damages the liver. This is a well-known common sense. Tobacco and alcohol are harmful to health. Thousands of harmful substances such as nicotine and tar in cigarettes and ethanol in wine will not only harm human health invisibly, but also Accelerates skin aging.

Especially for people who smoke all year round, the harmful substances in cigarettes accelerate the yellowing of teeth and skin, and the ethanol in wine increases the workload of the liver and kidneys during the metabolism process, and at the same time causes the loss of skin collagen, relaxation and wrinkles. In terms of factors, tobacco and alcohol are not the most important factors in accelerating men’s aging.

how to quit smoking and drinking during male aging
how to quit smoking and drinking during male aging

Male aging “accelerator” fifth: blindly eat health care products

In fact, in most of the cognition, men are less aware of maintenance than women, and they will not buy a lot of expensive skin care products for maintenance when they are young. It can be found that older men and women have stronger awareness of maintenance, and they are more likely to listen to salespeople. Buying a large number of unknown health care products with one-sided words and being deceived.

Eating health supplements for a long time will affect your health. Health supplements are not medicines. They contain a lot of chemical components and are poisonous. While maintaining your body, you must identify the cause and prescribe the right medicine. Don’t think that you are unhealthy when you are old. Blindly taking medicine will not do any good to the body, and it will also bring serious side effects and accelerate the aging of the body.

how to quit smoking and drinking during male aging
how to quit smoking and drinking during male aging

Male aging “accelerator” fourth: do not like to drink water

It can be found that girls especially like to drink milk tea and other soups and water, and men like to eat dry food when they eat any food. In life, as long as they are not thirsty, they will never drink water. Some men will drink to quench their thirst when they eat, and drink very little water. If this bad living habit exists for a long time, it may lead to serious water shortage in the body.

Water is the source of life and the basic substance for the metabolism of various organs and tissues in the body. When cells are dehydrated, the aging speed of internal organs is accelerated, the body is more prone to various problems, and the skin is naturally more prone to wrinkles. Therefore, drinking less water has also accelerated. A catalyst for male aging.

drink more water for hydrated your body
drink more water for hydrated your body

It is recommended that men should drink about 1500~2000 ml of water every day. Of course, different people have different needs. This is just a relatively standard reference value. If you feel that boiled water is tasteless, then you can drink tea, soaked in wolfberry water to nourish the liver, improve eyesight and benefit the kidney, soaked chrysanthemums in water to reduce liver fire, and soaked honeysuckle in water to clear heat and detoxify, combining boiled water with these natural Chinese herbal medicines can increase the amount of water you drink. It can also help men maintain the liver and kidneys, and meet the needs of health care.

The third male aging “accelerator”: life is stressful

Work pressure, life pressure, any one of them will make men feel depressed. 80% of men are unwilling to expose their pressure to others, but choose to suppress it in their hearts and deal with them silently, and stay under high pressure for a long time. Loss of high spirits, brain nerves are affected, resulting in poor sleep quality, and the body will fall into a vicious cycle, which will eventually lead to the accelerated aging of the body like a roller coaster.

Influenced by more than 2,000 years of traditional thought, men are the pillars of the family and bear the sky, thus being implicitly endowed with more responsibilities.

remove  your stress for healthy brain
remove your stress for healthy brain

Male aging “accelerator” No. 2: staying up late, lack of sleep

Many men are under great pressure in life and work, and often stay up late. Keeping this habit for a long time will affect the normal operation of the body’s internal organs, hinder the normal detoxification of the body, and induce various chronic diseases and accelerate the aging of the body. If you want to delay aging, you must develop a routine of going to bed early, getting up early, and not staying up late.

Many men suffer from hormonal disorders in the body, decreased immunity, liver damage, hair loss, anxiety and other physical and psychological problems due to lack of sleep.

Male aging “accelerator” No. 1: do not like sports

Contemporary people have left physical work and started mental work. Even at home, they seldom take the initiative to do physical work. Most of the time they spend most of their time sitting in the office facing the computer, sitting for 78 hours. After returning home at night, they sit and lie down. Playing mobile phones and playing games leads to a serious lack of exercise in the body, slowing blood circulation, accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thighs, accelerating obesity, and being overweight will accelerate the function and begin to decline, and it looks older than people of the same age.

Do exercise for maintaining your physical
Do exercise for maintaining your physical

2. If you want to slow down aging, male friends should develop these two good habits in peacetime

A. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude

Many men have a lot of work pressure. Although men are more resistant to stress than women, if they are not released for a long time, the internal hormones in the body will become disordered, and the body organs will not function properly, thereby accelerating aging. If men can learn to release them reasonably Stress, talk to others, have an optimistic attitude, mood and sleep will not be greatly affected, such men are healthier and look young.

B. Insist on exercising

Exercise can move joints, enhance bone toughness, and at the same time, it can promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, and make harmful substances in the body excreted as soon as possible in a short period of time, thereby delaying aging.

Of course, it is also very important to find an exercise method that suits you. Male friends can do more strength exercises at ordinary times, so that they can make themselves look stronger and more powerful and attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude
Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude

Many male friends will feel powerless after they reach middle age. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of these bad habits as soon as possible, develop good living and eating habits, and improve physical fitness, which will not only look younger, but also prolong life and reduce illness. Do you have any good ways to help men better delay aging? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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