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How to repair skin barrier naturally at home for female

Like a screen, the skin barrier shields the surface of the human body to protect the outside and prevent the intrusion of harmful substances from the outside world; it acts as a barrier to the inside to prevent the loss of nutrients.How to repair skin barrier naturally at home for female

It goes without saying that if the components that make up the skin barrier are missing and the function is impaired, the skin is prone to various sub-healthy or even unhealthy disease states.

 How to repair skin barrier naturally at home for female
How to repair skin barrier naturally at home for female

Why is the barrier function of the skin disordered? Why is the barrier component missing?

In addition to disease and trauma-induced factors, more common are physiological factors, especially improper skin care habits and behaviors.

1.Excessive cleaning

Taking cleaning as an example, if the face is too dry or even tight, it is easy to cause excessive cleaning. This practice is actually harmful and not beneficial. First, the weakly acidic sebum film is washed away and the chemical barrier is destroyed. Secondly, it takes away the resident flora on the skin, interferes with the normal skin microecology, and destroys the microbial barrier.

After these two levels of skin barriers are destroyed, the physical barrier will also be affected eventually, the metabolic rhythm of the stratum corneum will be disrupted, and key components such as ceramides cannot be synthesized on schedule, and the “wall” of the stratum corneum will be incomplete. The law shields us from the wind and rain, so there are phenomena such as dry outer oil and sensitive skin.

2.Appearance anxiety

For another example, if you can’t get rid of the anxiety of appearance, you can’t reconcile with your own makeup, you must make up before going out.

Although makeup does not directly affect the skin barrier, the problem is that makeup needs to be removed after makeup, and makeup removal, especially incorrect makeup removal habits, can cause great damage to the skin. For example, wipe off the delicate skin with a cotton pad to remove makeup. After that, I also use a facial cleanser to cleanse a second time. Can this not damage the skin barrier?

3. Exfoliate frequently

Another example is that exfoliation is too frequent. Under normal circumstances, the stratum corneum will fall off regularly. If there is no serious acne, we do not need to exfoliate. On the contrary, I was brainwashed by consumerism, thinking that removing the stratum corneum would make the skin “tender and white” as advertised, so I frequently brushed the acid or rubbed the skin with an exfoliating cream, and the sensitivity and redness would be unknowingly. bother you.

 How to repair skin barrier naturally at home for female
How to repair skin barrier naturally at home for female

There are many daily skin care behaviors that affect the skin barrier, such as disrupting the skin’s micro-ecological barrier with products that kill mites. The common consequence of the above behaviors is that some chemical components of the skin are affected at the microscopic level, thereby affecting the structure and function of the skin tissue: the stratum corneum is no longer intact, the water is easily lost, the capillaries are easily exposed, and the nerve endings are easily stimulated by external foreign bodies …

What happens when the skin barrier is damaged

The consequences of barrier damage can be divided into subjective and objective aspects.

Symptoms of desquamation and redness may objectively occur, both as a result of water loss and capillary exposure, respectively.

Subjectively, you often feel burning, tingling, itching, and tightness, which is the result of nerve endings being stimulated.

Objective symptoms are easier to judge, but subjective feelings can only be known by themselves.

How to Repair and How to Skin Care

The ways and products to improve the skin barrier vary from person to person, but they all have some commonalities. To sum up, they are to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Those skin care behaviors that are not conducive to improving the barrier (such as excessive cleaning) must be resolutely corrected, and those that are conducive to improving the barrier must be corrected. The behavior and products of the company should be persistent, and the evaluation should be conducted after three months or six months.

The first is to find out which behaviors lead to damage to the skin barrier. Everyone is the first person responsible for their own health. As long as repeated observations and summaries are carried out, it is not difficult to find the cyclical pattern of the phenomenon of barrier damage, and then you can follow the clues. Find out the culprit, find the root cause, and fundamentally maintain the skin barrier.

Why is the barrier function of the skin disordered? Why is the barrier component missing?
Why is the barrier function of the skin disordered? Why is the barrier component missing?

The second is to use the elimination method to identify ingredients and products that can irritate the skin and replace them decisively. There are many ingredients that can produce stimulation, and there are individual differences, so like the previous one, you must observe and explore by yourself.

The third is to gradually restore the skin’s barrier function with some ingredients and products that can really exert the corresponding effect. For subjective burning, tingling, itching, vitamin B5, 4-tert-butylcyclohexanol, purslane extract, borneol and other ingredients can be used to soothe and calm; for visual scaling, redness and other symptoms, you can use

The scientifically proportioned ceramide products are filled into the skin to form lipids, so as to have a repairing effect. If it is a very serious barrier damage, if necessary, go to the hospital for consultation, and take medicine under the guidance of a professional doctor.

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