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How to stop drinking alcohol every day its time to quit drinking

my country’s wine culture has a long history of more than 2,000 years. The wine-making culture has entered the world in contemporary times and has been carried forward. The ancient literati and scholars have created many beautiful poems about wine, which are still sung by people. The pressure of contemporary people’s life is increasing, and sometimes they do not participate in various wine bureaus for work. , Forced to drink a lot, because of the pressure in life, some people want to use alcohol to numb themselves and release the pressure.How to stop drinking alcohol every day its time to quit drinking

“Small a drink to please your mood, drink a lot to hurt your body”, drinking in moderation can not only shorten the relationship with others, enhance feelings, but also maintain the normal operation of the internal tissues and organs of the body, without much harm to the liver, but if Uncontrolled heavy drinking will not only seriously damage the liver, but also harm the health of the body.

How to stop drinking alcohol every day
How to stop drinking alcohol every day

People who drink frequently should quit drinking as soon as possible if these 6 conditions appear in the body

1. Bloating, diarrhea

Usually eating cold or cold or difficult to digest food, prone to symptoms of abdominal distension, diarrhea, abdominal distension, diarrhea Most digestive system diseases, such as gastroenteritis, may be the typical symptoms of liver disease after heavy drinking. If you usually like to drink alcohol, and suddenly have abdominal distension and diarrhea, and it lasts for a long time, then it may not only be as simple as gastrointestinal disease, but also abdominal distention and diarrhea after the liver is damaged by alcohol.

How to stop drinking alcohol every day
How to stop drinking alcohol every day

After drinking alcohol, there are various discomforts in the body, accompanied by flatulence in the stomach, ascites and hepatosplenomegaly. It is necessary to seek medical examination and treatment in time, and do not miss the best treatment period.

2. Decreased appetite

Long-term heavy drinking can easily induce alcoholism. The most obvious symptoms of liver disease in the early stage are loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and various physical symptoms. Alcohol can stimulate the stomach, reduce appetite, and affect sensory functions. After a large amount of alcohol enters the human body, it will cause irreversible damage to the stomach, damage the fragile gastric mucosa, and reduce appetite.

If you feel that your appetite has decreased recently, and you have symptoms of indigestion after meals, most of them are symptoms of liver disease, and you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

3. Shortness of breath

We all know that drinking alcohol damages the liver. Long-term brain drinking will damage the liver to a certain extent, as well as many organs such as the kidneys, pancreas, stomach, heart, blood vessels, etc. After a lot of drinking, it is easy to experience chest tightness and shortness of breath. It is very likely that alcohol has already caused damage to the heart. In case of injury, it is best to keep your mouth shut, quit drinking as soon as possible, and seek medical examination and treatment in time, otherwise it will be life-threatening when a heart attack occurs.

4. Pale after drinking

Some people’s face is flushed or pale after drinking. Such people cannot continue drinking because the liver’s ability to hangover is relatively poor, so many people think that people who have no change in their complexion after drinking are those who can drink. This idea is wrong.

If your face turns pale after drinking a lot of alcohol, it means that your liver metabolizes alcohol inefficiently, and it is caused by the accumulation of alcohol in the body for a long time. This kind of person should quit drinking as soon as possible, so as to prevent the liver from causing great damage. damage.

best way to stop drinking regularly notice these type of disease
best way to stop drinking regularly notice these type of disease

5. Dark yellow urine after drinking

If your urine turns from light yellow to dark yellow after drinking a lot of alcohol, it may be caused by the leakage of bilirubin in your liver into your urine. It is a typical manifestation of liver damage. The darker the urine color after drinking alcohol, the more serious the liver is damaged by alcohol, which also means that you need to quit drinking in time. If you don’t quit drinking in time, it may cause liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Hope Everyone can pay attention to it sooner.

6. Bad breath in the mouth after drinking

If you drink alcohol the day before and find that your mouth has bad breath in addition to the smell of alcohol on the second day, this is also a signal from your body that you need to quit drinking and bad breath occurs. If it is not because of dental or oral problems, then Excessive accumulation of toxins in the body, the liver is the main organ of the body to metabolize toxins, excessive accumulation of garbage toxins in the body, indicating that the metabolic efficiency of the liver is reduced, this time should also stop drinking as soon as possible.

When the liver is abnormal, the body usually has the following symptoms

①Dry and bitter mouth, bad breath;

②The hair loves to be oily and the hair loss is serious;

③ Insomnia and early awakening, fatigue and fatigue;

④Grey on the temples before the age of 40;

⑤ Emotional irritability, love to be angry;

⑥ dry eyes, itching;

⑦ Cheek spots, acne;

⑧ Oily skin, frequent farting;

⑨The stool sticks to the toilet and the urine is yellow; How to stop drinking alcohol every day People who drink frequently it is time to quit drinking

People who drink for a long time, keep their liver healthy, and insist on 3 things

1. Light diet

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “green enters the liver”. If you want to protect the liver damaged by alcohol, you must eat more green food at ordinary times to supplement the human body with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and accelerate the discharge of liver toxins. You should also eat more mushrooms at ordinary times. , Flammulina and other mushroom foods, supplement dietary fiber, these foods are low in calories, which is more conducive to the elimination of garbage in the liver and accelerates the metabolism of body fat.

take a light diet for sleep well
take a light diet for sleep well

If people who love to drink want to nourish the liver and protect the liver, they need to increase the intake of high-quality protein, such as eggs, soybeans and dairy products, to help eliminate excess fat in the liver, so as to achieve the purpose of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

2. Moderate exercise

Life is in motion, regular exercise can make the body move slowly, improve the body’s immunity and resistance, consume calories, control weight problems, and improve the problems of alcoholic liver, fatty liver, and cirrhosis caused by heavy drinking. There are many ways to exercise.

People who like to drink can do some aerobic exercise when they have nothing to do, such as walking, jogging, cycling, playing Tai Chi, etc., which are all good options for exercise, which can help you reduce the metabolic burden on your liver and maintain a healthy body.

3. Avoid staying up late, work and rest regularly

Traditional medicine believes that “the liver controls blood”, “the blood flows in the meridians when people move, and the blood returns to the liver when people lie down.” Qi and blood can be too dry only when a person is still lying down. Sleep is the process of nourishing and protecting the liver. Staying up late for a long time causes relatively insufficient blood flow to the liver, which affects the nutrition and nourishment of liver cells, resulting in a decline in immunity and resistance, providing opportunities for diseases, thereby inducing the emergence of various liver diseases.

do not staying up late take a full rest its helpful for your body recover
do not staying up late take a full rest its helpful for your body recover

Only by ensuring adequate sleep and avoiding staying up late, can you give the liver sufficient time for detoxification and rest. At 11:00 at night and 1:00 in the morning, it is the prime time for your liver to detoxify and repair. Only when you enter deep sleep during this time can you give the liver Adequate recovery time, so everyone must go to bed before 11:00, ensure adequate sleep, and avoid staying up late in order to better nourish the liver and protect the liver.

The liver is very important to human health. I hope everyone must develop good living and eating habits. In addition, a good attitude is also helpful for nourishing the liver. Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude every day can help reduce anger. Eliminate harmful substances in the liver and maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment How to stop drinking alcohol every day People who drink frequently it is time to quit drinking

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