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Is it harmful to eat partially rotten fruits for children

The health of the child is the biggest concern of every parent. I still have some minor illnesses and disasters, and the parents’ hearts are trembling.

Sometimes when I see a child taking a small bottle because of a cold, I can’t help but want to take a bottle for the child. If the child has leukemia one day, the whole family will enter a dark state.

1.Rotten fruit on the surface should not be eaten by children, or it is not good for health

The surface is already rotten

In life, we all buy some fruits for our children, especially after they are freshly bought home, the fruits begin to rot due to improper storage methods or due to excessive storage time.

When the fruit begins to rot, it has been doped with aflatoxin, which is listed as a class 2a carcinogen by the state.

Is it harmful to eat partially rotten fruits
Is it harmful to eat partially rotten fruits

If you have this kind of rotten fruit in your home, it is not recommended for your child to eat it. Although it is only a little bit rotten, he has already been infected with aflatoxin.

This aflatoxin cannot be decomposed at a high temperature of 100 degrees, which means that we will not cook the fruit at high temperature, so the rotten apples are thrown away directly.

If you just throw away the rotten fruit, if you choose to take it for your child, it will lead to leukemia in your child in the long run. For your own health, it is recommended that parents throw away the rotten fruit instead of saving.

Is it harmful to eat partially rotten fruits
Is it harmful to eat partially rotten fruits

2.What other fruits can’t be eaten?

ripe fruit

The south and the north each have their own fruit markets. In order to be able to eat each other’s fruit, everyone picks the fruit before it is ripe, and then pushes it to ripen to transport it to the local area for sale.

After this kind of ripening, the price sold in the market of the other side is several times that of the locally grown fruit, so many traders are interested in the profit in the middle.

In order to make this kind of profit, some businesses use some chemicals to ripen all kinds of out-of-season fruits and sell them in the market.

Such fruits that are ripened by chemical agents must not be eaten by children. Although they look very bright on the surface, they are ripened with some chemical agents, which is extremely harmful to their own health.

.What other fruits can't be eaten?
.What other fruits can’t be eaten?

waxed fruit

No matter what kind of fruit is waxed, it will make its surface bright and arouse people’s desire to buy. Although this kind of fruit has a bright and beautiful appearance, it is not good for itself to eat this kind of fruit often.

Because this kind of industrial wax is difficult to be thoroughly cleaned, repeated rinsing, or the use of commercially available fruit cleaners, has little effect.

Often eating this waxed fruit will have many side effects on itself, so it is even more harmful to children. For the sake of their own health, it is recommended that you do not buy this waxed fruit for children.

3.How to prevent leukemia?

envirnmental factor

Every family has the situation of buying a house, but before the child is born, sometimes it is a child. When you are a few years old, a newly bought house like this will be mixed with a lot of things after decoration. formaldehyde.

The presence of formaldehyde may greatly increase the chance of children suffering from skeletal leukemia. For example, a newly renovated house is recommended to be ventilated for a long time before living in it.

After more than half a year of ventilation and drying, the house can be released as formaldehyde, and the risk of leukemia can be avoided when people live in.

How to prevent leukemia?
How to prevent leukemia?

take more exercise

Exercise can enhance physical fitness. If a person has super resistance, no bacteria and viruses can invade his body.

Therefore, parents must develop the good habit of exercising more in their children from an early age, which can reduce the chance of him suffering from severe diseases and keep his body in a healthy state to a certain extent.


Pay attention to your diet

In the usual three meals a day, parents must have a reasonable combination, mostly based on a light diet, supplemented by meat, and a reasonable combination is conducive to the growth and development of children.

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