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Is there a difference between unintended pregnancy and childbirth

Many young couples have plans to have a baby, but the plan is not as big as the change. Many times, the baby quietly comes to the side when they are not psychologically prepared, giving parents a big surprise, which is really surprising and happy. I’m happy that the baby’s schedule is ahead of schedule, and I finally became a parent. I’m surprised that there is no pregnancy preparation at all. Will it affect the baby? Is there a difference between unintended pregnancy and childbirth

Is there a difference between unintended pregnancy and childbirth
Is there a difference between unintended pregnancy and childbirth

Is there a difference between having an unwanted pregnancy and trying to conceive a child?

The purpose of preparing for pregnancy is to warm up in advance, adjust the body and mind, eliminate various diseases, improve the physical state of both men and women to the best, and then obtain high-quality sperm and eggs, so that the baby will be healthier after birth. If both husband and wife are in good health and disease-free before pregnancy, and there are no bad habits or bad habits, there is generally not much difference. However, it is still advisable to plan your pregnancy when you have a baby.

What are the benefits of trying to conceive?

1.Consciously supplement folic acid to reduce the deformity rate.

Folic acid can reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Many foods contain folic acid. For example, green leaves, green vegetables, broccoli, oranges, bananas and other foods are sources of folic acid. Ordinary people can get folic acid by eating these foods. However, the folic acid required by pregnant women is four times that of ordinary people. It is difficult to obtain such a large amount from food alone. Therefore, additional folic acid should be supplemented to avoid fetal malformations caused by lack of folic acid in the first trimester. However, if you have an unexpected pregnancy, you can continue to take it. Folic acid.

2. Consciously adjust the body and adjust the state to the best.

Many people have the habit of smoking, drinking, and staying up late before pregnancy, but if you plan to get pregnant, you will quit these bad habits in advance, quit smoking and drinking, go to bed early, get up early and don’t stay up late, exercise, eat healthy, stay away from harmful substances, your body Check, in order to adjust the body to the best state.

What are the benefits of trying to conceive?
What are the benefits of trying to conceive?

3.Can improve the quality of sperm and eggs.

It takes about 85 days for new sperm to be produced, and about 80 days for eggs. If you feel that the previous sperm and eggs are not good, you can get better quality sperm and eggs after three months of pregnancy. affect the baby’s IQ.

4. Improve the living environment of fertilized eggs.

When the mother is in good health, the uterus environment will also be good, and the fertilized egg will live more comfortably.

How to get pregnant more easily?

1.Physical examination.

Before pregnancy, it is best for both husband and wife to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to rule out infectious diseases and family genetic diseases, as well as reproductive system problems. Like some small problems, such as tooth extraction, inflammation, etc., should be dealt with in time.

2. Timely supplement folic acid.

It is best to start taking 400 units of folic acid tablets every day in the first three months of pregnancy. There are some folic acid tablets on the market that have different contents. Please pay attention when purchasing. In fact, the hospital has free folic acid tablets, and women of school age can get them.


Exercise more, exercise more, improve body resistance, speed up metabolism, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

4.Regular work and rest, do not stay up late.

Going to bed early and getting up early is good for health. Sperm and eggs are most afraid of staying up late. Staying up late will affect the quality. Therefore, during pregnancy, you must have a regular schedule and avoid staying up late.

5.Eat healthy.

Eat less junk food, eat more healthy organic food, eat more eggs, milk, lean meat and other high protein foods and some vegetables and fruits in moderation. Expectant fathers can eat more foods high in zinc, such as some seafood.

what are the benefits of eating healthy
what are the benefits of eating healthy

6. Keep away from bad environment.

Try to avoid taking medicine, avoid some environments with radioactive rays and some toxic environments.
Who doesn’t want to have a healthy, smart and cute baby, but some things are urgent and can’t be rushed. Stress is often the biggest obstacle, so you must relax your mind, avoid stress, and work actively at the most suitable time (ovulation period).

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