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It is not mung bean regular consumption can excrete toxins and protect liver health

The liver is dumb and the stomach is a horn. If there is a disease in the stomach, you will feel more obvious discomfort or pain. However, because the liver has fewer nerves, it is generally difficult to detect diseases in the liver in time. The body is only aware of the more serious disease problems.It is not mung bean regular consumption can excrete toxins and protect liver health

It is not mung bean regular consumption can excrete toxins and protect liver health
It is not mung bean regular consumption can excrete toxins and protect liver health

The liver is the most important and the most important detoxification and metabolism organ in the human body. At the same time, the liver also participates in the basic circulation of the body, which is crucial to the health of the body. Therefore, the liver is also known as the body’s toxin waste cleaning factory. The main function is the ability to regulate blood circulation and the ability to store blood.

Although the nervonic acid in the liver is less than other parts, especially in the stomach, the regeneration capacity of the liver is longer than that of other organs. If the liver fails or becomes diseased, it can be treated by a doctor. And actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment to control, or in the case of surgical treatment, the dry part is restored to health, and the liver health is adjusted.

1. Can mung beans detoxify?

Everyone must know that drinking mung bean soup can clear away heat, detoxify and relieve summer heat. Therefore, in hot summer, many families or many restaurants will make mung bean soup for drinking or selling.

If the body has severe facial pigmentation or constipation, it is likely to be caused by toxins in the body. At this time, drinking mung bean soup can play a certain role in auxiliary detoxification. The effect is to drink more in daily life. Mung bean soup also has the effect of removing heavy metal poisoning in the body.

Can mung beans detoxify?
Can mung beans detoxify?

Although mung bean has a little effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving summer heat and swelling, mung bean cannot be used as a specific antidote in clinical practice.

This is because although mung beans can indeed restore the epidermal regeneration function of the liver to a certain extent after drinking, but if they are consumed too much, the burden on the gastrointestinal tract will increase, and discomfort symptoms and reactions such as bloating and diarrhea will occur.

2. The “master” of detoxification has been announced, not mung bean, eat it regularly to expel toxins and protect liver health

(1) bitter gourd

Bitter melon is a common green vegetable in people’s lives, and because the taste of bitter melon is bitter and astringent, it can be said to be a food that many people resist from the bottom of their hearts, especially many young people, who are even more reluctant to eat bitter melon. .

In fact, eating some bitter gourd properly in daily life can play a relatively good role in regulating the health of the body and the health of the liver. This is because there are many nutrients and nutrients in bitter gourd, which can effectively It helps the body to reduce the production of body fat, and also inhibits its survival to a certain extent. Bitter melon has a relatively strong detoxification function on the shelf, which can effectively enhance the body’s metabolic capacity.

benefits of eating biter gaurd
benefits of eating biter gourd

Bitter melon can cause the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, and the protein contained in bitter melon can effectively increase the activity of immune cells, so as to achieve the effect of detoxification and anti-cancer effects.

(2) Celery

Celery is more common in people’s lives. It contains relatively rich crude fiber and raw food fiber statement plus elements. In medicine, celery is also known as a vegetable that reduces blood pressure. People with high blood pressure, if they want to In the case of food conditioning, you can eat celery to assist and adjust your blood pressure level.

In fact, in addition to the well-known antihypertensive effect, green vegetables also have the effect of improving the metabolism and circulation mechanism of the body.

benefits of eating celery
benefits of eating celery

Relevant researchers have found through a series of data studies that apigenin contained in celery can play a role in clearing liver and diuresis, and celery contains slightly rich nutrients, which can effectively promote the body’s urine after ingesting the body. Therefore, the excess toxins and wastes in the body are excreted as soon as possible, which is used to maintain the normal circulation and metabolism mechanism of the body and help the body maintain health.

(3) Cucumber

Cucumber is also a favorite vegetable for many people, especially for weight loss diets. It is precisely because cucumbers are low in calories and have high vitamin content. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about eating cucumbers during weight loss, because eating too much cucumbers And cause the problem of body fat and skin fat.

benefits of eating cucumber
benefits of eating cucumber

In addition, cucumber contains a substance called cucumber acid, which can promote the body after entering the body, the metabolism of the body is accelerated, and it will also make the excess sugar in the body. Inhibition of the reaction is thus transformed into fat reduction and reduction of storage in the liver, and the burden of liver glucose will repair its own liver epidermal tissue cells to a certain extent.

(4) Carrots

Carrots are recognized as the champion of liver nourishment in medicine. This is because the carotene, vitamins and amino acids in it can alleviate the problem of dry eyes caused by lack of nutrients after ingesting the human body. The effect of eye protection and liver protection.

benefits of eating carrot
benefits of eating carrot

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the health of the liver and the eyes are interrelated. Only by taking care of the health of the eyes and avoiding excessive stress can the detoxification and metabolism of the liver can be effectively relieved to a certain extent and to a certain extent. Two carrots can help to maintain eye health and promote the repair function of liver epidermis, with positive effects.

(5) Onion

When it comes to onions, I wonder if everyone prefers to eat them with a spicy taste and a variety of types. For example, there are many kinds of onions such as yellow onions, purple onions, and white onions that people often see. Because onions have a certain spicy and pungent smell, many people feel that after the onions are cooked, they can be more acceptable to the body.

benefits of eating onions
benefits of eating onions

We all know that onions have a certain positive auxiliary effect on lowering blood lipid levels. In fact, in addition to this effect, onions can play a certain role in maintaining liver health. The effect is that the county party committee contains spicy and stimulating properties in onions. Therefore, it can play an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, so it can reduce the pressure and burden on the liver to a certain extent. Of course, because onions are too spicy, it is not recommended for everyone to use too much, just eat some properly.

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